Wireless, Quick Charge Powerbanks To Rule The Industry

by Poonam Mondal    Aug 23, 2016


Powerbanks are witnessing a rising demand from consumers worldwide, owing to its portability feature and reusability upon charging. Depending upon the usage, consumers have options to purchase power banks with different capacities. The growing demand of powerbank in a variety of segments such as communication and technology, medical & military is expected to create booming opportunities for the powerbanks market. In an exclusive interview with CXO Today, Gaurav Dureja, CEO, Ambrane India shares his expertise and sheds light on the prospects of powerbank industry.

Why is there a need for powerbanks in the market?

We are living in a mobile world; wherein smartphones have become more personal than the personal computers. With multiple apps being used for emails, messaging, browsing internet, gaming, personal entertainment, etc., smartphones have turned into power hungry devices that drain your battery constantly. Therefore, in a world where staying connected while on the move has become imperative, powerbanks have become a must-have accessory for every individual who tends to use gadgets. We see the overall market growing exponentially in the next 3-5 years. 

Fashionable IDs, Higher Capacities, Back Up, Sleek Models, Multiple ports, Wireless chargers are the need of the hour. Consumers are getting smarter with growing options. 

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Being an independent powerbank manufacturer, what are the upcoming technologies in the market?

Some of the key trends which shall be dominating the market firstly include slimmer versions of powerbanks where Ultra Slim Compact Banks shall be a huge rage. Second is, with the growing advancements in the tech world, there will be greater adoption of wireless technology. Next is, the waterproof powerbank series will also be in demand as the usage of powerbank is not just limited to work but also for travel, adventure and more. Lastly, the Quick Charge technology will also be popular as it brings in the fast charging benefits. 

In the next 5 years, which technology will take over the electronics market.

India is the world’s hottest market right now, and technology trends of the future will emerge from India. Looking at the promising developments - hardware shall evolve and improve from television, smartphones to home internet. We shall also see some devices take new shapes, new form factors. Apart from this, virtual reality and augmented reality will be just around the corner. Undoubtedly the Make in India initiative will gain momentum and lastly the Internet of things (IoT) shall only get bigger and better. 

 What is the roadmap of Ambrane?

With its powerbanks, the brand has gone synonymous to the category and is truly outperforming the industry with its range of quality products, that deliver value for money. Moving further, we shall focus on emerging markets and have a dynamic business model with flexible structure, effective, proactive portfolio and pipeline management. Personal, trustful and mutually beneficial relationships with our channel partners and affiliates shall be a core part of our philosophy and will make us stand out from the crowd. 

Innovative product offerings and diversification in new verticals, namely Audio Category and Innovative product range, shall enable us to accelerate our growth and help us further our business model. We shall be focusing on new markets, with improved visibility along with the strong emphasis on ‘Make in India’ initiative. We are targeting a growth of 3 times more than last year.

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In terms of growth, which region has huge opportunity? 

Ambrane has recently entered the Middle Eastern markets; just like India, the global market shows a tremendous potential and the consumption pattern though has been very similar with Indian markets, yet the dynamics of the market have been very different.

What are the growth statistics of Ambrane in terms of last year?

Not far from having reached our peak, Ambrane is leaping forward to the next period of growth where we have grown 300 per cent from last year. We have also roped in boxing star Vijender Singh as our brand ambassador, who is actually an extension to the brands imagery and also synonymous to the category we strongly identify with - ‘Power’. 

Even though the year 2015 was challenging for several industry players, Ambrane has shown a steady growth, bagging the top spot in powerbanks and becoming one of the fastest growing brands in India. Besides the dominating 25 per cent market share in powerbanks, Ambrane has also invested in several new product launches and made significant improvement in after sales service. Apart from this, Ambrane has also begun manufacturing in India, with the ‘Make In India’ initiative bringing the right balance in terms of technologies, performance and budgeted prices. All this and much more has positioned Ambrane as one of the fastest growing brands in India.