Wireless Video Streaming Solution from Monsoon

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 19, 2006

Monsoon Multimedia India Pvt. Ltd. has presented the next generation wireless video streaming solution- ‘Pinnacle PCTV To Go’- to integrate video time-shifting and place-shifting technologies that allow consumers to tune in to TV anywhere.

The solution is a result of the company’s OEM partnership with Pinnacle Systems, a division of Avid Technology Inc. Pinnacle is a provider of video editing solutions, TV tuners for the PC, and digital media adapters for the consumer market.

Increasingly PCs are being used for infotainment purposes and companies are trying to bring TV viewing experience in consumers’ laptop and mobile devices. With Internet available at public hotspots, it is now possible to stream live TV anywhere.

The brand ‘Pinnacle PCTV To Go’ has augmented Monsoon’s widely known PCTV product family. Consumers can purchase it through a Pinnacle Systems website at major retailers, such as Fry’s Electronics, also with e-tailers such as Amazon.com, Buy.com and TigerDirect.com.

The solution will be available in India in the first quarter of 2007. Pricing has not been disclosed. Monsoon has concluded other licensing deals for its HAVA product and is also in discussion with other large OEMs for similar partnerships.