Woman Empowerment Through Edtech

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 08, 2018


India has some of the best universities and colleges comprising veteran educators and quality infrastructure but one must not forget those are the exceptions and majority of the education system still needs major improvements if we are too reach our true potential. Recently, however, the infusion of technology in providing educational solutions in India has given birth to a robust industry. It has profoundly changed the scenario of education by expanding its access across the country, irrespective of gender, caste or any other social or economic bias. Until today reaching the nearest center of learning still means countless hours of travel for many students across the country, the disruption brought by ed-tech tools has far overshadowed any structural improvements introduced so far.

Within the role of technology in education, women have emerged as key beneficiaries.  In a country that has been traditionally battling low figures when it came to female education, tech-based education has opened up numerous avenues for women eager to learn. By making quality education more accessible, it has enabled girl students to educate themselves while battling various social malaises. One of the most significant contributions of ed-tech tools, however, has been at the other end of the spectrum. By providing a platform to impart education from one’s home, it has given a great avenue for homemakers to monetize their latent teaching skills.

For instance, 33-year-old Deepti Saha, who gave up her cushy job to nurse her newborn and take care of her 3-year-old son, realized soon that something was amiss. While she was glad that she could spend quality time with her children and take care of all their needs, Deepti wasn’t satisfied. She wanted part-time or freelancing job opportunities that could offer flexible timings. During her constant job searches online, she came across several education apps that allowed her to take up online tutoring on the basis of her expertise in various subjects. Deepti knew that this was exactly the kind of work she needed to do; one that offered her flexibility, lucrative remuneration and the fulfilment of knowing that she was making a difference in the lives of young students.

Like Deepti, there are numerous case studies all over the world, wherein technology has enabled micro edupreneurs, especially women, to provide remote educational services. Online language learning emerges as a key example in this scenario. For instance, language portals such as 51Talk have empowered women in the Philippines to work from home and teach English to Chinese students. There are similar examples in Latin America and Europe where native speakers are teaching thousands of students from across the world. India too is advancing and matching up steps with these countries with the assistance of new-age platforms like EnguruTalk. Now, stay-at-home wives or moms can dedicate a few hours every day to teach, earn a steady monthly income and increase access to high quality education for learners across the country. 

While the massive disparity between the numbers of men and women, women in the workforce have been reducing, often, they are the ones forced to renounce their professional lives due to personal commitments. This causes a gradual loss of self-confidence, and a lack of belief in one’s abilities. However, with the advent of technology in education, these women have found a way to restart their career and put their skills to use in the right manner. Technology in education has resulted in tremendous job opportunities, and, several start-ups have come to the fore enabling women to take up interesting jobs and earn a living.

Often misinterpreted as a usurper of traditional teaching roles by introducing one-size-fits-all tech solutions, ed-tech tools in fact, complement and facilitate a teacher and makes their tasks easier. With the advent of numerous tech-based start-ups, more women in India and across the world are receiving flexible work options as well as on-the-job learning, making it easier for them to create exceptional and ground-breaking endeavours in every social sphere.