Xerox Gears Up To Capitalize On The 'Smart' Economy

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 27, 2016


The year 2016 marks another celebrated year for the technology industry. As the industry continues to evolve and accelerate in 2017, Xerox is excited about the possibilities emerging technologies can bring to its customers and end-users, to make them as connected and smart as the world we live in, believes Ashraf ElArman, MD – Xerox India, as he shares some key tech predictions for 2017.

ElArman stated that despite the significant changes already witnessed, the changes between 2017 and 2020 will be unprecedented as a scaled up ‘digital’ economy develops. The digital economy will be built on new rules for competitive success, new roles for technology leaders, and new requirements for technology suppliers. The key to driving success for this strategy will include an aggressive shift in budgets from traditional IT spend to those technologies that directly or indirectly connect to customer experiences.

“As we look to 2017, we see several common themes emerging: the evolution of “smart,” and the long-awaited emergence of technologies that have already caused a buzz. The changing nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices—from the personal assistant interfaces that increasingly act as the conduit between us and the digital world, to smart devices becoming so integrated in our businesses and lives that they become a commodity, and, finally, the emergence of sentient tools that move us beyond rote automation to context-aware tools,” ElArman further explained.

He noted that implications will be seen as many buzzed about technologies taking off such as autonomous vehicles, space flight accessibility, drones, and robotic societies.


ElArman pointed out that in 2016, Xerox continued to help global enterprises achieve success with its industry-leading print and document management solutions. In some places, xerox has been effective than others. The company clearly has a business which is very widespread, both from the range of business that it does to the range of clients that it has and its geographical spread.

He further asserted that Xerox accomplished many objectives that it had set for the India business and aligned its working model to global strategy. The company launched new products, solutions and software that helped its competitiveness in the marketplace, thereby helping deliver greater value to the consumers and partners.

“We are all geared to make a success of 2017.  We already have a strong pipeline of large scale deals and are excited to launch multiple new products next year to complement our current portfolio further. With these, we will be able to expand our coverage area, provide more opportunities to our channel partners.

We will continue to focus on providing superb printing solutions around color to our customers and via our recognized MPS solutions. We also plan to invest in our renewed marketing communications plan with greater dependency on digital,” said ElArman.

“Creating great customer experiences will continue to remain as a major area of focus for us in 2017. We saw a remarkable improvement in satisfaction levels this year and will continue to drive more programs and initiatives not only for post sales but for the entire product lifecycle,” he added.

Xerox is embedding productivity and cost efficiency into all areas of its business, which will benefit the company for years to come. We are driving operational excellence and innovation to meet its clients’ evolving needs, ElArman concluded.