Yes Bank Automates Field Sales Processes Using Kaizala

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 22, 2017


Yes Bank, India’s fifth largest private sector bank with 1,000 branches in over 670 location and over 20,000 employees, was looking to digitize its field sales processes for productivity gains and to enable customer self-service. The bank thrives on continuous innovation and investment in technology platforms and is one of the fastest growing banks in India today.

Yes Bank believes that to realize its vision of becoming ’India’s Finest Quality Big Bank’ it is crucial to drive institutional messages that constantly propagate a cultural of excellence. “When you talk about the finest quality bank, there are cultural messages which we need to drive around organizational values, mission and also certain key institutional themes,” says Deodutta Kurane, Group President – Human Capital Management, Yes Bank.”

Yes Bank was keen on deploying a communication platform that was unlike typical business application had a familiar chat-like interface similar to the social and messaging tools that have become an integral part of our daily lives. It was then that Microsoft’s Kaizala canmr “A platform like Kaizala is more intuitive and is exactly the way people use other social platforms. They will take to this and use it much more efficiently and naturally and make it as a part of their life,” says Kurane.

Capabilities like creating natural work groups, managing members of the group easily, creating hierarchies, and uploading information that is relevant to the relevant audience have provided the HCM unit of Yes Bank a platform with transformational possibilities for organizational communication.

Enhancing sales team productivity

Having access to information at one’s fingertips is the most empowering capability for a sales executive and has a direct impact on her or his productivity.

“What are the three of four challenges for a sales person mostly? One, when he needs information at the finger tips. Two, he wants to be productive and wants to have most of his time customer facing. And three, he doesn’t want to spend too much of time in filling up forms and daily sales report,” says Pralay Mondal, Senior Group President – Retail & Business Banking, YES BANK.

With Kaizala, YES BANK could quickly create user groups based on existing hierarchies that reflected its real-world organizational structure of its sales team. Once the structure was in place, the highly flexible survey and poll features in Kaizala doubled up as smart data collection forms.

“The typical sales cycle took about a day and a half earlier and involved manual work of gathering information and updating it in the system. Now with Kaizala everything is digitized. The process is reimagined wherein everything happens on the field,” says Anup Purohit, Senior President & Chief Information Officer, YES BANK. With real-time data collection and access to information, YES BANK has realized significant productivity gains. “When you look at all of this, we can have a 2x or 3x kind of a productivity gain,” says Mondal.

“It has created a three-dimensional solution. One is that the customer is happy because he is getting a better solution. Second, the sales person is happy because he is more productive and can earn more incentives, and three, as a reviewer I am not directly getting into a day-to-day kind of a review mechanism, I’m doing a real-time online and hence what took 10 days for MIS collation I’m getting on a real-time online basis.” 

The bank also looked at enabling a self-service channel to increase customer satisfaction. A self-service channel can not only reduce servicing cost for enterprises drastically but also improve customer satisfaction. But deploying a customer self-service channel is a daunting proposition for most enterprises.

With Kaizala, Yes Bank is attempting a new experiment. The Bank has a large number of merchant customers who need speedy, reliable and convenient payment acceptance via point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Ensuring uninterrupted functioning of POS machines is an operational responsibility for Yes Bank that requires constant coordination between the bank, the merchants and the POS vendors. By connecting its network of customers and partners, Yes Bank wanted to simplify and streamline the process. In addition to this, its retail customers will soon be able to initiate service requests like cheque book ordering and duplicate bank statements via Kaizala. An API-based integration of Kaizala with the Bank’s CRM system will enable customers to use Kaizala as a self-service channel.

“We are also planning to use Kaizala as a service platform to service our merchant partners where they can raise an incident or a service request so we can respond to it quickly,” says Anup Purohit, Senior President & Chief Information Officer, YES BANK.