You Mind Your Business, MSP Will Mind The Rest

by Amit Tripathi    Jan 02, 2004

As newer technologies keep surfacing, maintaining expertise in network technologies becomes a daunting task. The problem has now been greatly simplified, by services offered by Managed Service Providers (MSP’s).

Backing the MSP theory, Rajiv Sharma, CEO, Bharati Telenetworks Ltd., said, “As global networks touch multiple spheres, maintaining a menu of technical expertise in all technologies is difficult, as there are various aspects involved like recruiting, training, and retaining qualified personnel. MSP’s effectively summarize these challenges providing an easier option. ‘

The relevance lies in the light of the fact that today’s global networks run in diverse spheres - mainframe, client/server, private line, high-speed packet service, ISDN, Internet/intranet/extranet, virtual private networks and more.

Managed Service Providers (MSP), can implement changes quickly, and remain up to date with the dynamic nature of businesses, exercising their core competency. Currently they are focused on manufacturing and development, banking and financial services, IT/telecom, and ITeS

With skill-set and space restrictions, it is not at all uncommon for medium to large size business to completely outsource their IT requirements. That would mean that they can focus on their core business, and leave the MSP to worry about uptimes and 24/7 monitoring, power back-ups, failover equipment etc.

Industry heads today feel that the evolution of the telecom industry, growth in a client’s network, rising costs of maintaining and managing support departments, and handling a plethora of IT requirements are major reasons for the growing demand for MNS (Managed Networking Services).

But, as a reality-check, user companies so far, are under the impression that only the really large, global customers require management of their networks. CIO’s are waiting for the market to change rather than rushing to outsource their network infrastructure.

In India, there is still time before MNS comes in vogue. Sharma added, “In India, a lot of psychological, legal/ regulatory and managerial attitudes will have to be changed before the MNS industry reaches a decent size.”

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