Your Cell Phone May Soon Recognize You

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 10, 2005

Omron Corporation, a global leader in automation, sensing and control technology, has announced “OKAO Vision Face Recognition Sensor”, the world’s first in face recognition technology, which can be implemented in PDAs, mobile phones or other mobile devices with a camera function.

The ability to recognize and verify the authenticity of the user through face recognition is meant to contribute to greater security and safety for mobile devices, and the information they contain, in the future.

“Functionality in mobile phones and other mobile devices is upgrading significantly from simple phone calls and e-mails to include a variety of access, payment and planning services. As a result, mobile devices are carrying ever more personal information including address books, schedules and payment information,” said Masato Kawade, Senior Manager of the Sensing Technology Laboratory in Kyoto.

“The “OKAO Vision Face Recognition Sensor,” featuring Omron’s “sensing and control” core technology, has been designed to protect this information even when the mobile phone is lost or stolen.”

Camera equipped mobile units enabled with this technology requires no additional hardware. Users register their own face image to their unit with the unit’s camera. To use the unit, the user simply takes his or her own photo.

The technology will automatically detect the user and unlock the unit. The verification process takes less than a second from snapping the photograph. Further, there is no need to adjust the camera position when taking the photo. If the face is included in the photo, the sensor will detect the owner automatically.

The sensor tests successfully more than 99 times in 100, and is fully Symbian, BREW, embedded Linux, and ITRON OS compatible. Data registration measures 1.5 KB per photo, while memory usage measures just ROM 450 KB and RAM 370 KB. Full processing time is approximately one second with MSM 6500.