!Yureekah - Search Engine for Media Professionals

by Prabhu Ram    Jul 31, 2009

Professionals in the media field have their very own, exclusive search engine — !Yureekah. With its digital advertising platform — Zimblee, it claims to reduce the intricacies of online media to a simple search engine-like operation.

Talking to CXOtoday, Devaraj Southworth, founder and COO of !Yureekah, explained how their brainchild works. "(Yureeakah) as a search engine helps ad-agency professionals perform analysis of competitor brands in the online space. 

In case of a search engine, the keyword is all important, in this case the place of the keyword is taken by the competitor’s brand name. The search result page is an output of list of publishers which host the competitor brand on their network that includes the image ads and videos in Flash."

The traditional competitor ad tracking process involves a dedicated team who manually visit online sites to check for the competitor’s presence, a cumbersome effort, whereas the !Yureekah engine allows multiple search parameters  competitor’s name, generic search engine  keywords, banner size, publisher, etc.

Its back-end media platform — "Zimblee", is a self-service digital advertising platform that bridges online advertisers directly with the publishers. 

An advertiser can choose from the list of publisher (affiliated with Zimblee), view the publisher’s advertisement cost, and pay directly - negating intermediate online buying agencies - which is an industry in itself in the media space.

"Our platform democratizes ad placement cost, which is an under holding of intermediate online agencies," said Southworth.

Apart from price transparency large online publications have many art-directors and content producers, this prolongs the time taken for the advertisement to go live. Our technology platforms help in streamline ad-space selling and buying processes, he added.

Anup Badhe, CTO of !Yureekah, said thecompany has internally developed a web crawler bot - code named ‘Newton’, that enables the !Yureekah search. "Our search bot indexes images or Flash adverts that comply with the Internet Advertising Board (IAB) recommendations," he said.

"We had to write the crawler bot ( Newton ) from scratch as most open source or proprietary engines are written for text crawling, which is simple and is of not use to us,"  said Badhe.

When asked about the challenges that the company faced to integrate Zimblee with publishers, he said acceptance of automated insertion orders as opposed to manual effort was not easy. Convincing publishers to accept tracking of reports from Yureekah ad server as opposed to their internal built applications was another challenge.

Yureekah currently has about 50 odd publishers on board.