Zebra sells more than 125M patient wristbands

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 09, 2010

Zebra Technologies, which is into specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, has sold more than 125 million of its patient Z-band wristbands worldwide. According to Zebra Technologies, these bands help prevent the number of deaths that are caused by medical errors.

"Of the 125 million wristbands Zebra has sold, more than 50 percent were in the last 18 months. This increase can be directly tied to the dramatic rise in the adoption rate of bedside bar code medication administration, which requires scanning a patient’s wristband and then scanning the medication before administering it to the patient," Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra Technologies.

Bar coded wristbands enable healthcare practitioners to verify a correct match between the patient and medical treatment provided. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) more than 100,000 Americans die annually in U.S. hospitals because of avoidable medical errors. It also turns out that medical errors is ranked as the eighth leading cause of death in the country.

In order to regulate the healthcare sector in India, the health ministry has proposed a clinical establishment bill to ensure safer health practices and a regulatory framework for all healthcare organizations, clinics and nursing homes. This bill will be focused on patient safety and would stress on the need for getting accurate and comprehensive data on causes of medical errors across the country.

In India, Zebra Z-Band wristbands are being used to facilitate medical care in four hospitals. Zebra’s bar coded wristbands help doctors and nurses to focus more on patients, thereby improving the diagnosis and treatment accuracy. "We hope that with the success of Zebra s Z-Band direct thermal wristbands, nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel in Asia can be sure that the patient will be identified correctly and the right information will be presented every time the wristband is scanned," said Andrew Tay, president of Zebra Technologies, Asia Pacific.

Many wristbands in use at hospitals today are made of materials that are easily degraded from smudging, liquids or hand sanitizer. Zebra’s Z-Band wristbands resist alcohol, water, foams, soaps and blood, and MRI-certified.