Zerofootprint validates Logica's emission monitoring solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 17, 2010

Logica has announced that Zerofootprint, an organization that applies technology, design and risk management to reduce environmental footprint, has certified the algorithms behind the company’s emission monitoring solution — Logica EMO. The certification validates that Logica EMO effectively calculates greenhouse gas emissions and wasted fuel while driving. Through the implementation of Logica EMO, drivers will be able to compare their driving habits against a baseline to determine avoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

GBS Bindra, Global Innovation Director, Logica said, “We are delighted with the certification from Zerofootprint. The solution is one that can be embraced at the individual level to contribute positively to the environment. The robustness of the technology behind Logica EMO will ensure that the greenhouse gases emitted while driving are calculated accurately, enabling drivers to see how their driving directly impacts the environment.”

Logica EMO has been conceptualized and developed through the innovation function at Bangalore, India. This solution is a real-time monitoring system of vehicular emissions that uses a plug-in device that connects to the onboard computer of the vehicle and transmits the emission values from the vehicle wirelessly to a central office. Emission data from EMO can be used to offer differential fuel pricing to the vehicle driver. Petrol or gas stations can offer prices tailored to every individual vehicle, based on their driving behavior. If the driving behavior is green the fuel is priced lower and conversely if the driving behavior is poor.

“Logica EMO is a unique solution designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of the impact of driving behavior on their environmental footprint, while providing incentive to improve,” said Ron Dembo, CEO of Zerofootprint.

Zerofootprint operates both in the for-profit and charitable domains through two entities, Zerofootprint Software and Zerofootprint Foundation using shared technology.