ZippServ's Tech Saves Home Buyers From Risky Investments

by Swaminathan B    Aug 07, 2017


Purchase of a property might be a dream for every average Indian and probably the single largest investment for every salaried professional. However, there are plenty of uncertainties an average home or plot buyers faces in India. This had led to the birth of tech-startup ZippServ.  The company dedicated for serving real-estates in Bengaluru and Pune help potential home buyers save from any legal issues that may crop up including encroachment, fraud, forgery and more. In an exclusive chat with CXOToday, Sudeep Anandapuram, CEO and Co-Founder of ZippServ shares his story.

CXOToday: What are the ways, you are different from a traditional advocate specialized in laws related to real-estate?

Sudeep Anandapuram: We are a platform featuring all-inclusive real estate services for home buyers under one umbrella. In fact,Zippserv is positioned as India’s first property risk assessment firm and is an online platform providing comprehensive risk assessment for safeguarding real estate investments. The platform provides the right blend of professional experts for legal & civil engineering due-diligence, fraud & forgery detection and technology to ascertain encroachments & city planning violations – all under one roof. Zippserv was launched in December 2015 after we both went through harrowing experiences while buying properties in the city.

Zippserv’s proprietary map based data mining technology, process standardization and collaborative framework offers clients an un-paralleled quality of risk assessment. Customers get a much better experience on Zippserv given transparent pricings, end-to-end service offerings, integrated logistics and SLA based online service fulfilment. The only thing the customer needs to do is to avail the right service at Zippserv and sit back and relax.

Till date we have saved our customers an estimated sum of about Rs. 150 crore from risky investments.

CXOToday: How do you start your service with a customer and how long you continue your association with the customer in helping them in buying their dream home?

Sudeep Anandapuram: The journey of our customers with us starts once they identify a home which they wish to buy. We partner with customers throughout the entire process of purchasing a property and help them in taking an informed decision. We also bring in high levels of transparency in the entire process in order to help every customer take these decisions without the trappings of any bias or vested interests.

Zippserv hence provides end-to-end property risk assessment services for customers who are home buyers. Some of the services we offer are legal & civil engineering due diligence, fraud and forgery detection. Additionally, Zippserv also offers a free Google Map based risk assessment tool v1.0 where property buyers and investors could check land survey details, boundary information, proximity to lake and storm water drains in matter of minutes. We are in process of adding information about unrecognized layouts, land acquisitions for peripheral ring roads, litigations and other city planning parameters.

CXOToday: What are the top 5 challenges faced by most buyers in property purchase? How you are addressing their pain-points?

Sudeep Anandapuram: In fact we have personally experienced the various challenges faced by home buyers in India. Let me walk you through our own experience. When I was in the US, it was very easy to buy properties. In 2002, after recceing about a dozen properties, I zeroed in on one in a week’s time. It was my first property and I was very excited. The backyard had a fantastic forest view and it was priced right. All the amenities were within a 2mile radius. The builder honored the deadline of completing the pending work along with a few customization requests from my end. The keys were handed over promptly on the day they promised. All I had to do was to show up to the closing with the cheque to take possession of the house. But I always knew I wanted to return to India. I was still in the US when I decided to buy a property in Bengaluru. In 2005, I chose a home to buy in Bangalore.

Despite paying a whopping amount, I needed to have somebody constantly on ground to do all the running around for me. Seeking the right professionals for legal and civil engineering due diligence was a challenge. The seller did not have some critical papers which had to be retrieved from government offices. Arranging for all this from US was a headache.  I was honestly worried and scared if everything is being done right, especially since I had heard so many stories of NRIs being cheated in India. Somewhere along the way, I wished I could fall back on someone to help me take a more informed decision, someone who could source all the necessary documents at affordable prices especially when I was investing so much of money. 

CXOToday: What is your view on the RERA Act 2017. Is it applicable across India?

Sudeep Anandapuram: We feel while RERA definitely empowers home buyers by making transactions more transparent, it also tends to make things more difficult for a layman to assimilate the extensive information that is available. Zippserv plays a key role here in demystifying such trends and therein help customers take the right decision.

CXOToday: Can I term you as a company that provides, LAAS (law-consulting as a service), thanks to the connect of advocates and the option for choosing them online. How much is your partnership with builders or government land registration department?

Sudeep Anandapuram: No, we are much more than that. Zippserv helps home buyers verify details of the properties that they are interested in by conducting a thorough check of its title trail, NOCs, approvals and more. In addition, the company also studies the physical property by analyzing the development, its structure and any developmental issues or concerns. Furthermore, their detailed understanding of the local real estate scenario and prevailing state laws ensures that the home buyers interests are addressed in a holistic manner. The success of Zippserv can be credited to their firm belief in keeping the needs of the customer or the property buyer at the center while providing counsel that is free of any encumbrances. And yes we do work in tandem with builders and government land registration departments all in an effort to streamline property buying decision making for the home buyer.

CXOToday: Please let us know the role of technology in your service, right from online registration to the ‘Live Map’ option.

Sudeep Anandapuram: Technology plays a major role at Zippserv. On our platform property buyers can buy any real estate service like home inspection, property verification, valuation, property registration just like the way one would buy a phone on Amazon. All Zippserv services come with standard service level agreements (SLAs) and delivery timelines. Zippserv’s platform has integrated proficient logistics so that property buyers can get these services delivered to their door-step.      

CXOToday: Well, you are in an expansion spree with Pune being the latest addition. What are the other expansion plans you have?

Sudeep Anandapuram: We are planning to expand our service offering to Hyderabad and Chennai. We are also working on adding more services to our portfolio so that Zippserv can become the one stop shop for all needs and requirements of a home buyer.