Zirca Bets On Content Innovation With ContentdB

by Sohini Bagchi    Jul 20, 2017


In the digital age, almost every brand is looking at an opportunity to create its own compelling stories and share it with its audience. As businesses are using content to share their stories with consumers, digital solutions firms such as Zirca is helping brands identify these content opportunities, and create stories based on consumers’ content consumption habits across various online platforms. After several content management partnerships and campaigns, the Mumbai based digital firm has announced the launch of its native advertising management platform, ContentdB. The platform, which the company claims is a first-of-its-kind in Asia, is designed to help manage content campaigns across multiple discovery, social, search networks and publishers.

Most marketers are fairly successful at putting out engaging content; the fact that they are not able to optimize across the different platforms reduces the value they can get from their campaigns. ContentdB provides them with a single window platform from which they can monitor their campaigns on a comprehensive dashboard. Marketers can, thus, get a unified view of multiple campaigns and platforms that will help them make an informed decision about the efficiency of their campaigns, thus saving them time, effort and money while managing their campaigns,” Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director of Zirca told CXOToday.


ContentdB’s genesis is driven by Zirca’s strong belief that efficiency is an essential element when making a strong value proposition, as Dasgupta explained, ContentdB.com is essentially a dashboard interface, which brings all campaign reports in one place to ascertain how the users respond to the same information differently, thus, allowing brand marketers to optimize and make their investment give better results. It gives marketers access to a one-stop destination to understand the performance of all their native advertising content.

“The internet at one point was all about platforms and there was very little focus on content that made the right kind of impact. The industry is now far more evolved and understands the value of impactful content and how it contributes to a brand’s perception online,” pitched in Karan Kumar Gupta, MD of Zirca.


“Technology, thus, plays a very important role in such an industry. While most technologies are focused on delivery of content, ContentdB is uniquely poised to focus on right amplification and optimization to bring campaign efficiency, so that the marketer can evaluate how effective the brand’s content is, in building brand awareness. The platform evaluates how well the content resonates with the brand’s end consumer from one publisher to another, setting a new trend,” stated Gupta.

The company founded in April 2012 with a vision to enable digital communications using advertising solutions and content strategies have been helping brands identify their consumers, develop and define content strategy, create and curate content for various digital channels, and find the best ways to amplify the content so that it reaches the right target audience. 

Dasgupta informed that Zirca has worked with most of the leading marketing companies and the major brands over the last 4 years gaining a leadership position with the solutions they bring to the table. The company is connected to over 3,000 advertisers and has some of the most reputed publishers and technologies such as MSN, Skype, Outlook, Bing, The Economist group, Outbrain, Fast Company, and INC.com, as their exclusive business partner in India and SE Asia.

The partnership with Microsoft needs a special mention, where Zirca as Bing’s sales partner for search advertising sales in India [in addition to display ad sales] works on showcasing Bing’s strength as a credible challenger in the highly sought-after search market, bringing in new audiences and new searches.

“Today, we are the only company with business partnerships across Search, Display, Discovery and Content Integrations in India,” she said, adding that the Zirca is unveiling a number of more such unique offerings in within the next couple of months with over 2 million dollar investments across these projects,” said Dasgupta. She believes that the new move will uniquely place them within the content and programmatic ecosystem with new metrics and new measurements to their credit.

Zirca is also looking to increase its headcount in the country. “In a short span of time, we have become a rapidly growing organization with a team of over a 100 young digital enthusiasts working on cutting edge digital areas of display advertising, programmatic and content marketing. We are planning to increase our strength substantially so as to better help brands to maximize their digital objectives with their strategic approach and creative execution,” Dasgupta informed.

The digital marketing industry in India is growing at 47.5% YOY with worth more than $68 billion and the country’s ongoing digital transformation testifies the immense potential this market holds for new-age marketing solutions. For India’s internet savvy population, most in the age group of 20-40 years, this is the perfect engagement medium and presents great opportunities for various brands to interact with their consumers, summed up Gupta.