ZyXEL Offers ZyWALL 1050

by CXOtoday Staff    May 08, 2006

Broadband access solutions major ZyXEL Communications has announced the availability of its new Internet Security Appliance, ZyWALL 1050 in India.

Aimed at SMBs and mid-large organizations, the ZyWALL 1050 integrates the following features:

* Proactive network protection: The solution performs L7 packet inspection for protocol anomaly or matched patterns with the embedded signature-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) engine, with new updates automatically downloaded and installed.

* User-Aware policy engine: Enables multiple criteria based packet forwarding, such as user ID, user group, time of access and network quota, etc. Administrators can access VPN, content filtering and application patrol policies, which in conjunction with network partitioning and corporate security policies can prevent unauthorized access.

* Customizable security zones: Since the solution supports L3 virtualization techniques (VLAN and virtual/ alias interface), administrators can set VLAN or virtual interface to different physical ports, and also group them in a zone that has consistent security policies applied.

* Bandwidth management: ZyWALL 1050 provides a bandwidth management feature for traffic prioritization, allowing administrators to allocate bandwidth as per priorities. It also facilitates tracking bandwidth usage via comprehensive centralized logs.

“ZyWALL 1050 allows organizations to establish Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections among multiple locations. Data is encrypted in a VPN to secure communication channels and prevent confidential information from being eavesdropped over the Internet. Communication through VPN tunnels is protected from session hijack attacks and information theft,” said Milind Kamat, Principal Consultant - India, ZyXEL.