ZyXEL Offers ZyWALL With Antivirus Technology

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 21, 2006

Broadband access solutions provider ZyXEL Communications has announced that it has successfully integrated Kaspersky antivirus technology into its 8-in-1 ZyWALL Unified Threat Management (UTM) product series and is making available the new UTM products with immediate effect.

“Integrating Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology with our ZyNOS4 network operating system will provide our users with a package that outweighs some corporate offerings,” said Milind Kamat, Principal Consultant - India, ZyXEL Communications.

Kamat informed that most security gateways employ file-based virus scanning which inspect while files after placing them in the temporary memory. However, if the file exceeded the size of the available memory, the inspection may not function completely, giving viruses and malware a chance to penetrate a network.

Worse yet, it also requires considerable processing power and memory to carry out the packet reassembly process, which decreases system performance and throughput significantly.

ZyWALL UTM addresses this through “Stream-based” virus scanning technology, which allows the scanning of every individual packet by the antivirus engine. The process requires no additional memory or packet reassembly process and therefore does not impact on throughput, regardless of file size.

Along with the offerings, users will be offered a six-month trial subscription for Kaspersky Anti-Virus database updates, which according to ZyXEL are comparable with higher-end systems as far as protection and performance, are concerned.

ZyXEL’s ZyWALL UTM series products are available now through their national distributor TelExcell Information Systems and start at Rs10,000 onwards.