With 5G Radio Success, Verizon To Offer Better Network Performance
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 12, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Verizon have been conducting small field tests to demonstrate the network performance potential when 5G specifications reach completion.
IoT Not A Viable Revenue Source For Telcos: Study
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 23, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
According to Entwistle, IoT will bring revenue for vendors, but not for telcos.
Nokia To Trim 10000-15000 Jobs Worldwide
by CXOtoday News Desk    May 25, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Telecom gear maker, Nokia may cut around 10000-15000 jobs globally as a cost cutting measure, followed by the acquisition of Alcatel Lucent.
Innovative Tech Stimulate Growth For Advanced Test Equipment
by CXOtoday News Desk    May 24, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
5G, IoT and other innovative technologies stimulate growth for electronic test equipment, states study.
Data Consumption Crucial For 4G Investment
by CXOtoday News Desk    May 06, 2016
Category : Press Releases
With 5G looming over the horizon, the government is of the view that data services like 3G and 4G should be given out to the rural customers for a nominal charge.
5G To Drive Internet Of Things Adoption
by CXOtoday News Desk    May 05, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
The technology which is passing through a testing phase at present is expected to drive the adoption of IoT in the next 4-5 years.
50 Game-Changing Tech That Can Transform Industries
by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 31, 2016
Category : Research
Frost & Sullivan reveals 50 most promising technologies that will transform business landscape.
Digital Disruption Comes To Every Industry In 2016: Ericsson CEO
by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 22, 2016
Category : Press Releases
Technology : Cloud Computing
This will change business models and create possibilities that were previously unimaginable, said Ericsson Chief Hans Vestberg.
How IoT And Data Explosion Impact The Enterprise
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 07, 2016
Category : Research
A new report that talks about the technology trends which will have major impact on the engineering and scientific community.
5G Is Set To Transform ICT Sector
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 17, 2015
Category : Research
Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts 150 million 5G mobile subscriptions by 2021
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