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Cloud Computing Driving Innovation For Next Generation
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If one follows the growth path of cloud in the country, the adoption of cloud services has seen a rise irrespective of the industry type and the size of business.
Greater Cloud Adoption Adds Complexity Into Enterprise Networking: Study
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 20, 2017
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Technology : Cloud Computing
Cloud adoption is still the most vexing factor in increased network complexity, ahead of the IoT, SDN and network functions virtualization, says a new study.
6 Myths To Know About Cloud Computing
by Poonam Mondal    Jun 21, 2016
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Spiceworks put 9 of the most common cloud assumptions to test by polling nearly 300 IT pros to know about the myths.
Dealing With Data Security On Cloud
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Adoption of data security services on cloud has been gaining relevance at a rapid pace.
Business Agility Driving Mobile, Cloud Adoption
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 30, 2015
Category : Research
Eensuring optimal customer experience has also become a priority and is indispensable, says a new survey.
Oracle vs Amazon: The Cloud War Is On
by Preeti S    Dec 29, 2015
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Technology : Cloud Computing
Oracle spokesperson Inderjeet Singh says the goal is to surpass Amazon’s total revenue from infrastructure and platform in 3-5 years.
What Will Drive Enterprise Cloud Adoption in 2016?
by Pradeep Agarwal, COO, hSenid India    Dec 29, 2015
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Self service cloud technologies will keep growing making data integration and migration less risky and complex.
Is The Cloud Losing Competitive Advantage?
by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 17, 2015
Technology : Cloud Computing
The next step for CIOs is to deploy cloud deeper into their infrastructure, say researchers.
Why Cloud Adoption Is Still So Low In Public Sector?
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 21, 2015
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Technology : Cloud Computing
Public cloud adoption is plagued by uncertainty, data security and reliability issues.
Designing A Sustainable Digital Strategy
by Sandhya Malhotra    Jun 26, 2015
Category : Events
Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Enterprise Transformation Summit 2015 offers insights on digital scenario
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