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The Promise Of Cognitive Computing In India
by Debashis Banerjee    Jan 17, 2018
Cognitive computing is poised for a lift-off in India powered by cloud based infrastructure, rapidly developing product and engineering skills.
How 2018 Can Shape The Digital Transformation Story
Category : Columns
Technology : Hardware & Software
In 2018, certain shifts in the IT domain such as automation, digital labour (robots) to name a few, will have the potential to change the way organizations operate. Large or small, these businesses will have to look forward to drive differentiation thr
Journey Towards The Connected Enterprise In 2018
Category : Columns
Technology : Infrastructure
There is an urgent need for advanced collaboration solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle-free and productive corporate meetings.
Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOToday (Dec 18-23)
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 24, 2017
Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss.
Digital Transformation Is Moving Along – So What’s Next?
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 14, 2017
Category : Press Releases
Technology : none
Digital transformation continues to resonate as businesses recognize the need to get more intelligent...
Digitally Transform For The New Breed Of Customer
Technology : Hardware & Software
As millennials are entering the workforce, their changing expectations regarding products and services are forcing enterprises to either embrace an always-on environment or risk losing their relevancy.
Chief Data Officers Are Enabling Digital Transformation: Gartner
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 07, 2017
Category : Research
Technology : none
The survey found that support for the CDO role and business function is rising globally...
Infor Looks To Triple Its India Revenue By 2020
by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 04, 2017
Technology : Cloud Computing
Ashish Dass, Vice-President & Managing Director, South Asian Subcontinent, Infor, explains how the company is well poised to enable this transformation and stay ahead of the digital curve, with a key focus on the India market.
Are Brands Getting Too Late To Digitize?
Category : Columns
Technology : Hardware & Software
Companies are integrating brick and mortar installations in full effect of their digital strategy, organisational structure and resources.
Digital Transformation Lessons For Supply Chain Leaders
Category : Blog
A growing business will always choose digitisation of supply chain, as it will involve more supply chain partners in its growing stage.
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