SpiderOak CEO Warns Of 10 Cybersecurity Threats For 2018
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 06, 2017
Category : Blog
Christopher Skinner, CEO of technology security firm SpiderOak informs the 10 threats and trends to look out for across business, governmental, and personal arenas
Denial Of life: Medical Devices Are At Risk Of Cyber-Attack
by Anna Jones    May 05, 2017
Category : News & Analysis
Hackings of medical devices could also be used to breach patient privacy, as the information contained in the device includes location, treatment history and current state of health.
4 Ways To Secure IoT Devices From Cyber Attacks
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 28, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Though IoT has been a revolution of sorts, but security vulnerabilities make it the least target for hackers.
IoT Devices Are The Latest Hacking Targets For Cyber Attacks
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 04, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
While the Internet Of Things (IoT) brings valuable advantages to industry and consumer, it is actually endangering everyone’s cyber health.
Is Indian Govt Ready For Ransomware Attacks?
by Priyanka Pugaokar    May 27, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
The recent ransomware attack on Maharashtra Govt headquarter has highlighted lapses in cyber security mechanism in government entities
Driverless Cars Yet To Clear Roadblocks
by Priyanka Pugaokar    May 25, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Web Technologies
The ethical, legal dilemma with driverless cars continue to be the major obstacle that must be addressed before they hit the road.
5 tips to help SMBs prevent hacking
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 24, 2013
Category : News & Analysis
SMBs can utilize easy methods to take affordable measures to help prevent their networks from cyber criminals
What the CEO does not get about data security
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 06, 2013
Category : News & Analysis
The CSO is arguably one of the most valuable assets to a company because data breaches can cost a lot of money.
Hacker can unscramble coded Web traffic for $200
by Reuters    Jul 30, 2012
Category : News & Analysis
Moxie Marlinspike, one of the world's top encryption experts, unveiled the tool at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas.
Hacktivists stole 58 percent of customer data in 2011
by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 22, 2012
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : none
Many organizations still not getting the message about the steps they can take to prevent data breaches.
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