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Digital, IoT To Drive Demand For IT Management Tools
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 26, 2017
Category : Press Releases
Technology : Hardware & Software
A primary driver for organizations moving to ITOM open-source software (OSS) is lower cost of ownership.
Cloud, IoT Driving Open Source Adoption
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 19, 2015
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
Like Wipro, companies are seeing larger benefits with adoption of open source software as a core strategic technology
Wipro to Invest in Open Source Technologies, Practices
by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 16, 2014
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
The practice will channelize the earmarked investments towards driving growth and building industry leadership in this area.
SUSE partners with Dell to deliver enterprise cloud deployments
by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 18, 2013
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Cloud Computing
The Dell SUSE Cloud Solution, powered by OpenStack will enable enterprises rapidly deploy and easily manage open source private clouds.
75% companies encounter problems on using FOSS
by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 17, 2013
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
The key problem enterprises are experiencing with FOSS is the lack of stability, says a recent report.
How Open is Open Source
by Kunal Rupera    Apr 07, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
Businesses today depend on technology for their daily needs. Some businesses use IT in a small way, while others implement huge and complex systems to enhance their businesses. No matter what the size, businesses are dependent on IT either by...
How Will Penguin Fare in '09?
by Roger Burkhardt    Dec 31, 2008
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
2008 was an eventful, breakthrough year for many open source companies, and 2009 will be even more so, especially in terms of business purchasing patterns, software business model shifts, and enterprise software stack evolution. Here's a look...
Sun Supports Open Source
by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 01, 2005
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Infrastructure
Having seen great momentum with the Solaris Operating System (OS) as free and open source software, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that it is making the Java Enterprise System, Sun N1 Management software, and Sun developer tools...
European Commission Pushes Open-source
by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 23, 2003
Category : News & Analysis
In an era of growing open source popularity, the European Commission (European Union's executive branch), has launched a Website for improving its understanding, and hopefully contributing towards its acceptance. The site has supplemented...