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How Tech Is Opening Myriad Opportunities In Aged Care
by Sunny Kapoor CEO, GladAge    May 03, 2018
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Blockchain technology can help improve the operational efficiency, increase the capacity of care homes, standardize services, ensure delivery of personalized care & support and reduce the possibility of errors.
TinyOwl Boosts Operational efficiency With New Biz Model
by Press Release    Nov 04, 2015
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TinyOwl has undergone an organizational restructuring to increase its efficiency and productivity.
Check Out Your Company's Competitive Quotient
by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 11, 2014
Category : News & Analysis
Being competitive doesn’t mean you are trying to be better than your rivals, but it means with the right direction you can be the best.
Save to make room for innovation and productivity
by Ashutosh Desai    Mar 19, 2010
Category : Interviews
If there is one positive take away from the downturn last year, it is the fact that organizations have grown more conscious of their IT spend. Not only are they learning to work with tighter budgets, trying to derive more value from less, they...