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Cloud computing: Now & beyond 2013 - I
by Sharon Lobo    Dec 17, 2012
Technology : Cloud Computing
In this first of a two part article, we take a look how businesses perceived and adopted cloud in 2012.
Perceptions should evolve alongside technology
by Sharon Lobo    Nov 16, 2012
As awareness increases, adoption of modern IT will increase, but there are a few questions that need answers
Indian biz explore the potential of virtualization
by Manu Sharma    Jun 02, 2010
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
Currently, the virtual server market in India is relatively smaller as compared to total server market in the country, which stands about $ 700 million. However, according to Zinnov Management Consulting, the share of virtualized server is the...
Stronger Alternative for Indian Search Industry
by Manu Sharma    Jul 30, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Infrastructure
Though the search market in India is very small - amounting to less than $40 million in a year - the market is growing rapidly at about 33% yearly, so the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal is significant to India, says Praveen Bhadada, engagement manager,...
Software to be Slightly Cheaper: Zinnov
by Manu Sharma    Jul 07, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
Software piracy will reduce in domestic software market and therefore sales would go up, said Praveen Bhadada, engagement manager, Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd giving his Impact of today s budget on Indian IT industry. He...
Recession Hurts India's R&D Offshore Outsourcing
by Manu Sharma    Mar 18, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
At the time of recession, lower billing rates in China offer a lucrative proposition for US based companies to outsource their offshore R&D related work to third party service providers in China. This is impacting the Indian outsourcing...
China Outshines India in R&D Offshoring
by Manu Sharma    Jan 22, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Infrastructure
The study, 'R&D Globalization - A China Perspective', by Zinnov Management Consulting revealed that China as of today is home to about 920 MNCs who have established 1,100 R&D centers, while the numbers for India are significantly...