@proprietary software
Open Source no Alternative to Enterprise Software
by Manu Sharma    May 21, 2009
Category : News & Analysis
The division between commercial (proprietary) software vendors and open-source providers is not as clear as some industry players perceive it to be. Open source is not a product but an approach to software development and its subsequent...
How Will Penguin Fare in '09?
by Roger Burkhardt    Dec 31, 2008
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
2008 was an eventful, breakthrough year for many open source companies, and 2009 will be even more so, especially in terms of business purchasing patterns, software business model shifts, and enterprise software stack evolution. Here's a look...
Untangling Cloud Computing
by Sonal Desai    Nov 14, 2008
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Infrastructure
Windows Azure is simply about moving all the complexity of traditional software development to the cloud. Microsoft isn't solving any of the problems of traditional software-- they have just taken away its zip code. This is essentially the...