Wearables Market To Cross 300 Mn Devices This Year: Gartner
by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 28, 2017
Category : Press Releases
Technology : Hardware & Software
Smartwatches are on pace to achieve the greatest revenue potential among all wearables through 2021, reaching $17.4 billion, says Gartner.
Wearables Market Entering A New Phase, Says IDC
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 28, 2017
Category : Press Releases
The wearables market is set to increase at a CAGR of 18.2% to reach 240.1 million shipments by 2021
Enterprise Smartwatch Makers Must Shore Up Security: Analysts
by Sohini Bagchi    May 08, 2017
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
While smartwatch makers are focusing on innovations and the expansion of their presence across the globe, very few are paying attention to enterprise-grade security today.
Six Biggest Technology Failures Of 2016
by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 19, 2016
Technology : Hardware & Software
Here are some of the biggest failures in the world of technology in 2016.
Why Smart Wearables Need To Smarten Up In 2017
by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Dec 08, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
The smart wearables market, that was once considered the decade's most promising technology, is losing steam.
Are Modern Day Smartwatches Really All That Smart?
by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 26, 2016
Category : Research
Technology : Hardware & Software
Research suggests that users may not be convinced of the need for a smartwatch and enterprises may prefer to wait for the next bout of innovation in this field
Smartwatch Sales To Cross 50 Mn Units In 2016
by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 02, 2016
Category : Press Releases
Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are an emerging market that will progress toward mainstream adoption for enterprise use this year.
Why India's Smartwatch Market Is Set To Boom In 2016?
by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 22, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Technology : Hardware & Software
India is likely to become a big market for wearable technologies, which includes smartwatches and digital fitness trackers
Security Fears May Curtail Sales Of IoT Devices
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 06, 2016
Category : News & Analysis
Despite all its promise, the Internet of Things market has revealed itself to be a double-edged sword, shows a new study.
5 Reasons Wearables Will Get Bigger In 2016
by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 24, 2015
Here are the key trends and drivers in the wearable market in 2016 and beyond.
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