How To Align Organizational Culture With Right Talent
Here’s how you can make the right culture or strategy connect by fixing the missing pieces of the organization’s so-called puzzle
All Smartphones, Wearables Will Have Biometric Capabilities: Survey
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 28, 2017
Majority of respondents think biometrics are hard to fake, convenient and provide strong authentication and accountability…
7 Tech Predictions For 2018 And Beyond
by Titir Pal    Dec 28, 2017
As technology reaches a newer level, we can expect the following trends in the coming times.
The Future Of Digital Payments In 2018
by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Dec 27, 2017
The shift of the Indian banking sector to a cashless society is generating many opportunities for technology investments into digital payments infrastructure.
Journey Towards The Connected Enterprise In 2018
There is an urgent need for advanced collaboration solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle-free and productive corporate meetings.
Technologies That Will Take Off In 2018
by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Dec 20, 2017
Although there are some technologies which fizzle and dies away silently, there are some so significant that transmute the world we live in...
Things To Know When Buying Furniture For Digital Office
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 19, 2017
Here are some tips on buying furniture for the modern, digital office that will not only keep most health problems at bay but will also result in more productive work.
AI, Automation Disrupting Real Estate: JLL India CEO
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 18, 2017
With an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce, the way in which companies utilize their leased office space will change drastically in the near future, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, said Ramesh Nair, CEO & Country Head, JLL India.
AI, Cognitive Tech & IoT Spurring Digital India: Microsoft
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 15, 2017
Many of these applications are being tested out or used in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Haryana among others...
5 Ways AI Can Live Up To Its Promise In 2018
by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Dec 15, 2017
What's most pertinent about this tech is that it has the potential to eliminate much of the drudgery out of our work and personal lives...
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