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ITC to review Apple patent complaint against Samsung
by Reuters    Jan 24, 2013
Agency judge asked to take a second look at portions of two patents where he had found that Samsung infringed.
M2M Creates New Opportunities
With the rapid incorporation of technology into our daily lives, the adoption of M2M communication has evolved over time.
Moto G's Rival, Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone Debuts India
by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 26, 2014
Xiaomi founder Lei Jun believes India is the ideal market to be in and will drive growth by selling budget smartphones in the country.
Android One Can't Afford To Ignore Offline Stores
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 21, 2014
Android One, which is facing a tough competition from Motorola and Xiaomi, certainly needs a rethink in its selling model.
How Global Collaboration Is Driving Innovation
As global development and delivery practices continue to grow, there’s one thing an organization can count on—and that’s change.
Dell Adds Midokura To Its Open Networking Effort
by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 15, 2014
The company said in a statement that this will enable enterprises and service providers to more easily build OpenStack-based cloud networking infrastructures.
'Too many definitions are increasing uncertainty around the cloud’
by Abhinna Shreshtha    Sep 28, 2010
Virtualization has brought a change in how we view networks in data centers. In an interaction with Greg Bunt, enterprise architect & regional director (APAC) of Juniper Networks, talks about the future of networks in data centers, especially with concept
Nokia looks to revamp marketing strategy
by Reuters    Jul 23, 2012
Nokia is considering ripping up its traditional mass marketing strategy ahead of the unveiling of its new Windows 8 smartphone in the autumn
Death of telephone not likely to happen soon: Ovum
by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 29, 2012
VoIP services may not replace traditional telephony, but in the complex communication environment voice will serve a greater role, said Ovum.
Apple's iPhone 5 starts strong in China but shares pressured
by Reuters    Dec 17, 2012
More than 2 million sold but shares fell 3.8 percent