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Hackers Eyeing Android Devices To Get Bank Info
by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 22, 2014
There were more than 588,000 Android users worldwide who faced financial malware attacks in one year.
Despite Privacy Worries, Consumers Willing To Share Data
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 03, 2014
It’s important for businesses to know when and where it’s appropriate to use this information to engage consumers.
The Need For Innovation In Cyber Security
by Sohini Bagchi    Nov 03, 2014
Sanjay Deshpande, Chief Innovation Officer & CEO - Uniken explains how organizations handle and minimize risks and data breaches.
Dealing With Risks In The Hyper-Connected World
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 14, 2014
For most companies, the BYOD policy does not address wearable technologies, says a new ISACA study.
60 pc Smartphone Users Fall Victim To Cyber Attacks
by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 25, 2014
Several smartphone and tablet devices have no protection against "malware" reveals a new study.
Building A Trusted Digital World
Art Coviello, Executive Chairman of RSA and expert in cyber security discusses the 'best of times', and the 'worst of times' in cybersecurity.
Importance Of Network Security In The IoT Era
by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 08, 2015
As Internet connected devices are spreading like wildfire, more enterprises will gear up to secure their network in 2015.
Zindos Attacks Microsoft.com
by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 29, 2004
Microsoft's has once again become the pet target of the authors of the MyDoom worm, with the latest variant Zindos taking a shot at the company's website. The Zindos worm infects computers already compromised by MyDoom-O, and launches an...
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Security Flaw Found In Multiple Linux Distros
by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 23, 2004
iDEFENSE has discovered a flaw in Xpdf, an open-source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files included in most Linux distros. iDEFENSE has confirmed the existence of this vulnerability in version 3.00 of xpdf. It is suspected that...
'Be Very Careful': Google to Gmail Users
by Muntazir Abbas    Feb 27, 2009
When Farzina Naznin logged into her Gmail account recently, it would be the start of a harrowing experience, one that every Internet surfer has come to dread being a victim of a phishing attack. An analyst at a KPO, Naznin, her Gmail account...