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AI’s Moment is Finally Upon Us, Says IDC

A new IDC report sheds light on the importance of AI for businesses and the possible trends in the coming years.


For years, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed on the cusp of becoming the next big thing in technology. But the reality somehow failed to match the hype. In the last 12 months however, changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic indicate that AI’s moment is finally upon us. A new IDC report further sheds light on the importance of AI for businesses and the possible trends in the coming years.

Rishu Sharma, Principal Analyst, Cloud and AI, IDC India, said that the Covid-19 had led to wider adoption of AI in the country. “In the data-driven journey, organizations are focusing on intelligent systems for actionable business insights. Businesses are embracing technologies like conversational AI and machine learning, driven by their business objectives of innovation, resiliency, and offering transformative experiences,” Sharma said.

IDC says more than 40% of consumer-focused AI decisioning systems in sectors such as finance, healthcare, government and others will feature provisions to explain their analysis and decisions.

The report further says that the number of data analysts and scientists adopting AutoML for an end-to-end machine learning pipeline from data preparation to model deployment will grow two-fold by 2025.

According to the IDC report, AIOps will be a common practice for IT operations in the next five years. At least 40% of large enterprises will adopt AIOps solutions for automating major IT system and service management processes.

By 2025, 20% of all AI solutions will get closer to AGI that is essentially harnessing neuro-symbolic techniques. The techniques are a combination of deep learning with symbolic methods to make human-like decisions.

By 2024, 50% of enterprises will run varying levels of analytic and AI models at the edge and 30% of those edge AI applications will be accelerated by heterogeneous accelerators, the report added.

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