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AI-Enabled Communication to Assure Customer Loyalty and CX


By: Milind Pathak

For the last 25 years, innovation in mobile messaging has magnified from plain text messages to AI-based interactive conversation enablers. 2020 has proved that being available for your customers on their favorite channels of communication such as RCS Business MessagingWhatsApp Business SolutionsViber Business Messaging, and other similar apps have a huge potential in P2P interactions. Businesses are embracing these new technologies like never before, to share relevant content and enriched experiences with their clients.

Mobile apps now come with renewed capabilities delivering integrated and interactive experiences and helping brands to stay connected with their customers. With AI influenced communication solutions, Businesses are more intuitive to customer needs and are implementing smarter solutions to enhance engagement and improve the overall experience.

Understanding Smart Messaging

The modern form of business communication has evolved beyond its original limitations. Now businesses don’t just send rudimentary SMS’ texts but are using smart messaging techniques to share their daily business updates and other conversations. Smart Messaging makes it possible to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime because of its endless possibilities of sending customized campaigns and enhancing customer experience at the same time.

In a nutshell, Smart Messaging easily manages all your two-way conversations that take place across multiple channels and uses AI on both the client and the server-side. It provides a better choice of channels to their customers wherever they like to be and seamlessly integrates all SMS interactions through a single platform and API. With a customizable dashboard and intelligent analytics, businesses and essentially campaign managers can get a complete overview of their ongoing campaigns and enable them to implement the learning’s and effectively manage future campaigns.

We did a recent survey on how Smart Messaging enables deeper customer engagement and 53% of people agreed that deeper customer engagement is possible by combining Omni-channel experience, before & after-sales service and interaction with rich media. Here’s how it helps to enrich user experience-

Smart Messaging and User Interaction

User interactions aim at providing positive experiences to your customers that are most conducive to business success. Interactive messages with Call-To-Action buttons on WhatsApp Business and RCS Business Messaging in the form of rich cards embedded with action buttons offer major benefits and give you the likelihood of generating a desirable response from your customers. For instance, a person typically always goes on a website to book a hotel, but what if we provide him/her with interactive booking cards that have action buttons? Taking into consideration all the parameters like the number of occupants, booking dates, hotel preference, and many more can be personalized through interactive action buttons. Messages can be tailored based on the buyer’s interaction, thus adding a layer of personalization to your communication.

The same can be followed for online shopping based on the buyer’s interests and can display product details. By offering a customizable Call-To-Action button on messages, ensures frictionless transactions and eventually expedites your sales. These interactive buttons can be used for taking new orders or changes in the orders, cancellation of orders, and for any customer support needed by them.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Smart Messaging has an interactive experience that increases your customer engagement, customer retention rate, and increase in purchases. The two-way interaction makes it a conversational approach by allowing both consumers and businesses to interact with each other. It’s a paradigm shift we see in customer preferences from using websites to messaging apps for shopping, as these interactive messages are more convenient. QR codes that are scan able onto their registration documents, packaging, and on mails, have opened new opportunities for customer engagement.

In this contactless era, QR codes have made it easy for restaurants and cafe owners. They display their QR codes at multiple places across the restaurant premises, where customers can scan the QR code using their phone camera and they are redirected to WhatsApp to get the full-fledged digitized menu card. So far, it’s one of the most innovative contactless food services provided with full safety and by gaining the confidence of customers while eating outside.

Enriched Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Conversational AI and chatbots play a crucial role in enriching customer experience. Conversational AI makes it possible to quickly understand all the information and respond to customer queries 24/7 across all channels. Implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) adds a human-like experience that provides personalized and individual attention to customers. Omni-channel customer support brings out a connected experience and encourages users to leverage chatbots to raise basic FAQs and leave the complex queries for your live agents.

Customers have adapted to AI-enabled Communication Solutions as it’s hassle-free and offers a customized experience. It helps brands to stay connected with all their customers and enables better service delivery and engagement.

(The author is Chief Business Officer at Route Mobile Limited and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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