How brands can boost their online presence with Paxcom’s AI-based solutions

Paxcom is a technology company which provides complete ecommerce automation solutions from creating and managing e-stores (or marketplaces) to advanced data analysis, exponential revenue growth, managed warehouses and supply chains along with ensuring happy customers. It helps brands and sellers across the globe to accelerate their digital commerce through Channel Intelligence, Strategy, Execution and Omni channel solutions. Paxcom proprietary technology can collect and analyze publicly available data from all major platforms, across multiple geographies to deliver Data-Driven Analytics & Insights for Brands selling on multiple e-retailers and marketplaces. Its interactive KPI Dashboards & Reports enables data-led decision making for Product Pricing, Promotions, Placement and more.

It is a provider of suite solutions for businesses offering – data-driven decisions on product pricing, promotions, placement and more, Amazon (AMS) management, promotions & marketing strategy, order management, logistics solution, Open Source shopping carts, payment analysis, and more. The platform provided by Paxcom acts as a ‘business manager’ for merchants to fulfill orders from multiple channels from one platform, making it easy to procure products from vendors with supplier ratings and history, as well as keeping track of inventory level. Its built-in intelligence system uses data collected over different operations within the product and utilizes it for giving suggestions on price and quantity on different channels, best procurement from suppliers and efficient fulfillment for higher ratings. With Paxcom, the aim is to make it easy and efficient for retailers to sell online. Mr. Punit Sindhwani, CEO, Paxcom, share more insights on the same.


  1. Please throw light on your organization, its mission, and its vision.

Ans – Paxcom’s founding team took its plunge into eCommerce in 2011 through an ambitious foray into omnichannel retail. The omnichannel technology was built to empower us for seamless growth across our D2C website – Mirchimart, and 11 physical locations to be a pioneer in D2C and eCommerce in India. Mirchimart was also one of the first few sellers that Amazon onboarded when we started our business in India. We also won the award for being the largest seller in the electronics category on the Flipkart marketplace in 2014.

This early exposure to e-commerce enabled us to recognize the sector’s potential in India. Consumer brands were taking their first steps in this direction, but there was a significant gap in understanding of how it worked and how to best use it. There was a need for expert advice and technical solutions to assist brands in accelerating digital sales and making intelligent, data-driven decisions. Paxcom was created to meet this need. Kinator, a SaaS-based business intelligence, and data analytics platform was the first solution we developed, allowing brands and sellers to track, measure, and audit their eCommerce presence, and provide insights for day-to-day and strategic decisions.

Over the last decade, we have continued to evolve and grow alongside our clients’ ever-changing needs, becoming a full-service strategic solution provider for e-commerce and Omnichannel retail, adding numerous services and solutions along the way.

In 2019, Paxcom became a part of the Paymentus group – a leading global paperless electronic billing and payment solution, ranked by Deloitte to be amongst the fastest-growing North American companies.


  1. How Paxcom’s flagship SaaS-based product helps brands scale their e-commerce presence?

Ans – Our technology suite consists of an AI-powered business intelligence tool that provides brands with actionable insights on Product Content, On-Shelf Availability, Reviews & Rating analysis, Share of search, Sales, Pricing, and Promotions.

Daily, Paxcom analyzes multi-crore ad spends, and over 1.4 lakh products across 148 platforms, 450+ pin codes, and 11 languages to provide seller and location-specific insights to aid their clients’ eCommerce growth.

With our omnichannel technology solution, businesses and retailers can more easily establish an online identity, streamline their physical and online operations, and improve customer experience, thanks to streamlined order fulfillment, warehouse management, and a whole suite of solutions.


  1. Digital innovations are driving the eCommerce sector in India towards a paradigm shift. What are the measures taken by your brand to boost this drive?

Ans – Digital innovations have been at the heart of India’s eCommerce growth, and they form the solid foundation upon which Paxcom is built. We have consistently invested in developing a strong suite of cutting-edge AI technology solutions, which are backed up by a comprehensive set of eCommerce services to provide end-to-end assistance for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

Paxcom’s cutting-edge AI Channel Intelligence tool – Kinator, can track, measure, and analyze e-commerce metrics across platforms, sellers, and geographies to provide key decision-making insights to brands and sellers. We’ve also recently released customizable dashboards to help bridge the gap between data and decision-making. The new tool also includes comprehensive e-advertising insights and an in-depth analysis of sales.


  1. What are the Key USPs that stand you apart from the companies operating in the same sector?

Ans – Paxcom’s mission is to simplify and streamline online selling for brands and sellers.

Our USP is a robust suite of technology solutions backed by an experienced team obsessed with a data-driven approach to eCommerce growth for our customers.  Our team comes with a wealth of experience in establishing omnichannel strategy and solutions and has gained valuable insights in managing eCommerce growth for brands and sellers of every size since 2011.

Paxcom’s USP – 

  • Experience across platforms & categories
  • Cross geography & industry best practices
  • Strong Technical Solutions + Services work together to give a complete solution
  • Flexibility to tailor software as well as services to your specific requirements
  • Global Support – Multiple language tracking & content learnings across brands & categories


  1. While it’s difficult to make predictions, what according to you is the future of India’s eCommerce, at least in the next 12-18 months?

Ans- The Indian eCommerce industry has come a long way since its inception and is seeing an upward growth trajectory with every passing day. According to IBEF, the Indian eCommerce industry is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest eCommerce market in the world by 2034. We strongly believe that technology enablers like digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics-driven customer engagement, and digital advertisements will facilitate growth in this sector in times to come. Further, growth in the eCommerce sector will boost employment opportunities, increase revenues from foreign exports, increase tax collection by ex-chequers, and provide better products and services to customers in the long run.


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