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India Should Deploy 5 Mn Robots to Boost Healthcare Systems: Researcher


As India witnessed huge surge in Covid-19 cases, consistent pressure has been built on Indian Health Care Infrastructure and health care professionals to cater to health issues of the impacted people. India was less investing in its health care infrastructure to the tune of 1.3% of GDP, compared to Global average spend of 6% of GDP even before the outbreak of Covid-19 last year.

Sumant Parimal, AI Expert and Chief Analyst of ‘5Jewels Research’

Since Covid outbreak in 2020 and during subsequent second wave of pandemic, country feeling urgent needs of enhancing of Health Care delivery systems, both in public as well as in private sectors. Analyst firm ‘5Jewels Research’ believes that Indian Health Care delivery capacity enhancement requires to be Technology driven, for making it scalable, reliable, predictive and responsive as per emerging needs of the public health and challenges emerged due to present pandemic as well as from any future pandemics.

AI Expert and Chief Analyst of ‘5Jewels Research’, Sumant Parimal has suggested to deploy 5 Million Robots to augment Indian Health Care Systems for building scalable, reliable, predictive and responsive health care services delivery by using A.I. and Robotics Tech..

“Recent demand surge for medical and health care services has not only constrained hospital beds availability but also constrained human resources like doctors and nursing staff’s availability, which were already under-resourced even in pre-Covid era. Such resource constraints during sudden demand upsurge for health care services, can be better managed by deploying A.I., Robotics and other emerging technologies in health care delivery systems” Parimal said.

“As India needs higher number of hospitals, hospital beds, critical care centers as well as primary health care centers along with higher numbers of health care professionals, it is important that A.I. and Robots gets deployed and integrated in these health care centers to offer prompt, reliable, agile and safe operations. In order to make Indian health care delivery systems predictable and available during needs of the people, India requires to deploy 5 Million Robots to augment Indian Health Care Systems in existing as well as in upcoming public and private sector hospitals and health care centers” he added.

AI technologies can help healthcare providers improve productivity and the efficiency of care delivery, thereby enabling them to deliver quality care to a larger population. Healthcare practitioners will be able to reduce burnout and spend more quality time on patient care. Already, Government Scheme like “Ayushman Bharat” that covers healthcare insurance for over 500 Million in the country is a positive step in this direction. However, more is left to be done.

Parimal said, “India is facing acute shortage of Doctors, Nursing Staffs, and other skilled health care staffs, which can be augmented by training and deploying A.I. enabled medical and health care services Robots. Further, present pandemic has also taken many health care professionals and doctors in its grips to the extent of loss of their lives due to exposure to the infected patients, which can be minimized by deploying A.I. and Robots in front line functions at hospitals and health care centers.

“This ensures that Doctors and nursing staffs don’t comes in direct contact of Covid patients, and able to monitor and treat the patients through Robotics assistance from a distance” he said.

Meanwhile, healthcare robotics market size to reach $34.79 billion by 2027; industry compound annual growth rate of 21.6% that the operational efficiencies and reduced risk levels offered by robotics in healthcare offer value in many areas.

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