Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies of 2021

It doesn’t matter how many people see your ads or follow your social media account. At the end of the month, what matters is how many people bought your products and how much profit your company earned? This is why conversion rate optimization or CRO should be a high priority for your team. But how? Here are the top conversion rate optimization strategies of 2021. Don’t Sell to Someone about to Buy! A surprisingly common mistake is throwing up ads in front of someone on the ecommerce page. They’re already...

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

Maybe you have heard that content is king. Content includes news stories, how-to articles, cute dog videos, reviews, and just about everything else on the internet. Content informs, answers our questions, helps us make decisions, and entertains us. Content works for both the consumer and companies selling their products. What is Content Creation Content creation is nothing more than coming up with a topic and creating the content. Many times this content is used to promote a product or business. Content can include: Blog posts Infographic Video eBook Advertisement It...
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