What Should You Look For in Your NBN Plan?

Wondering what to look for in an NBN plan? What characteristics make up a good service? We’ve broken it down into an easy three-part check list. High Bandwidth and Data Limits Bandwidth can be compared to the number of cars that can travel on a road per hour. More bandwidth means you can have more cars traveling at a given time and do so quickly. If you’re streaming high definition media, you’ll need more bandwidth than someone watching standard definition video. And someone reading the news and watching the occasional...

Tips to Win Cash Playing Rummy

The current generation understands technology, mobile phones and mobile gaming. Traditional gamers who used to play exciting card games like Bluff, Rummy and Teen Patti are gradually moving from physical card game tables to online mobile gaming. Among these games, Rummy has lately become very popular thanks to the ease of fast internet speed, simple user interface and secured e-payment systems. Lately Indian gaming companies have been playing it big by bringing digital innovation to traditional Indian games and competing with the western world. They are creating their own space...
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