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Flash: An Enabler For IT Transformation In India

IT Transformation
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To address organisational and CEO challenges, CIO and IT need to look into new technology capabilities and solutions to optimise, redefine and/or transform current processes and operating models. And to successfully manage these business transitions in the new digital age, CIO and IT require a deep understanding of business imperatives as well as the ability to enable business agility and accelerate business performance.

Hence, with the world focusing on Digital Transformation, it is important for organizations to realise the importance of IT Transformation along with Digital and Security Transformation

So what is IT Transformation exactly? IT Transformation is basically the changes to network architecture, hardware, software and how data is stored and accessed. Transforming your IT begins with adjusting your organization’s approach to infrastructure. IT should be thought of as a driving force for achieving business goals, not maintenance and keeping the lights on.

It is imperative because, transforming IT is essential to accommodate massive growth in structured and unstructured data, maintain the performance and reliability of key business applications, deploy a new breed of cloud-native applications and support increasingly complex workflows. This will ensure that businesses drive new digital initiatives.

The key to redefining the role of IT lies in automating your operations, creating virtual and software-defined servers, storage and networking, and delivering the right services at the speed of business with the cloud. Now, applications and workloads get deployed faster, availability increases, and operations become self-acting. Less time should be spent on maintenance, more time for innovation.

Here, All Flash Storage systems play an important role  as it helps in increasing performance and lowering the total cost of ownership in various ways such as reducing the hardware requirements, lowering the software licensing and administration costs as well as decreasing the energy and floor space requirements.

Flash provides the key to that agility, allowing your organisation to make important decisions quicker. Such is the pace of flash that estimates suggest 10 times more spinning hard drives would have to be added by administrators to deliver the same level of performance.

While Flash is the foundation that drives your modern infrastructure, the secret to outperforming your competition lies in industry-leading software features and flash-designed architectures that come together to deliver higher performance, lower TCO and better business outcomes for you and your company.

Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure systems integrate your IT infrastructure for faster deployments at a lower cost while All-Flash Storage provides the quick response to customer demands. The result: ease of management and improved performance.

Hence, organizations need to have not only the expertise, but also market-proven offerings to address the All-Flash requirements that will help transform your infrastructure. Flash dramatically improves application performance and employee productivity, as well as test and development cycles. The gap between compute power and storage performance has widened thanks to the increasing adoption of server virtualisation, Big data analytics (BDA) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in industries like entertainment and media, healthcare, science, banking and finance and retail.

Storage that fits current business requirements will not be right for tomorrow and the continuing rise in connectivity and data. Digitally-enabled businesses need storage that can scale out flexibly.

Flash, in short, is future-proof and ready to help your business deal with the data demands of continual digital transformation. Great flash can help your organisation to eliminate performance bottlenecks and achieve higher productivity, both now and into the future.

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