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Sterlite Tech Academy To Create Smart Network Professionals

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Sterlite Technologies Ltd, which designs, builds and manages data networks for telecoms globally, announced the launch of Sterlite Tech Academy. Sterlite Tech Academy aims at creating a skilled talent pool of smart network professionals in India to enable the creation of smart data networks for Digital India, Smart Cities and 4G rollout.

With rising data demand, a robust mobile backhaul network is very critical. In India, less than 20 per cent of mobile tower sites have a robust fiber backbone as compared to 70-80 per cent in the developed countries. Given the importance of this infrastructure, multiple Telcos are investing in fiberization of backhaul networks. However, these network deployments are currently non-standardized and implemented through untrained resources. This results in poor deployment quality, very low reliability, low lifetime and high operating expenses. 

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To bring about a transformation in the creation of smarter networks, which have at least twice the lifetime of the current fiber networks, Sterlite Tech has launched Sterlite Tech Academy that brings expertise in optical fiber network designing, building and management through global best practices and state-of-the-art research.

Sterlite Tech Academy will play in broadband deployment, Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Technologies, said, “Our close association with telecom operators has enabled us to understand their challenges for network deployment. For India to progress to a knowledge-based society, it is imperative that broadband penetration improves. A big challenge to this is the lack of skilled work force in creation of data infrastructure. This is acting as a roadblock for many mission critical projects in both, public and private sectors.

We are happy to launch our Sterlite Tech Academy, through which the industry can now look forward to gaining trained and certified professionals for their broadband infrastructure and fiber deployment projects.”

Sterlite Tech Academy will enable the entire value chain involved in broadband network deployment to solve challenges of low lifetime and low reliability of currently deployed networks. This will help bring true broadband experience to India and transform everyday lives of the citizens through high-speed internet.  

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