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Accelerating and Securing Innovation with Access Control Management System


The client is a government agency that wanted to manage whole of its initiative by implementing the access control management system. Following a competitive tender process, Tech Mahindra was awarded this cyber-security project to control and manage all the government agencies staff movement and their access to the system. The opportunity came in as an extension of the good work that the Tech Mahindra did in completing the field / landscape study project, which is the pre-engagement consultancy work for the central accounts management (CAM) system implementation project. Understanding the requirements, the Tech Mahindra team implemented Sailpoint, managed the key resources, and adopted motions such as training and workfiow tweaks

Client Background and Challenge

The customer intended to create an identity security-based corporate security foundation due to the growing number of users, devices, and applications in today’s businesses. As this project was intended to be implemented using Sailpoint, we faced certain issues like:

Offshore Solution Architect – As the key solution architect from pre-sales stage was in offshore the project presentations and kick-off calls post award were delayed

Non-availability of Local Resources – This project needed a very niche skill set (Sailpoint product knowledge) and the non-availability of the local resources in Singapore location was a

Retention of Key Resources – Due to market fiuctuations the key solution architects resigned and retention become challenge.

Sailpoint Vendor Professional Services – The key resource from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fell sick in the mid-way of implementation phase, leading a delay in knowledge transfer and contribution

Involvement of Multiple Stakeholders – There was a need to handle different stakeholders like agencies, HR data warehouse system, and ITSM system within an aggressive timeline of 7-8 months of implementation phase.


Our Approach and Solution

The team at Tech Mahindra retained all the existing key resources from Sailpoint expertise and AWS cloud experts and delivered the scope of work on time.

As Sailpoint product is the key item in delivering this project successfully the Tech Mahindra team along with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Sailpoint professional services (PS), coordinated and successfully did the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation.

The pre cursor (landscape) consultancy study project resources from Tech Mahindra was extended to handle this project, helping the new project team members to understand the business objective of the CAM project and cross skill the new team members to adapt faster.

Recovered the business as usual (BAU) landscape and implemented critical cyberseecurity solutions.

Carefully handled the onsite-offshore engagement and availability of the Sailpoint and AWS cloud expertise.

The Tech Mahindra team followed Agile methodology aligned towards the customer base tools (SHIPS) platform and delivered the project successfully


Business and Community Impact

Uninterrupted business continuity

Automated the operations support activities like auto alert, automaton on the onboarding of the agencies

Reduced and replaced the subcon/professional services with internal competency team

Implemented enhancement worth >250K as a value addition

Successfully helped the client cross over the PGP period of 3.5 months

Additional enhancement worth of 680K identified and got the PO from the customer

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