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How CentraHub CRM tech helped Furniture World to address their business needs

Furniture World is a leading furniture store in Hyderabad and Vizag, India, offering a wide range of high-quality products for homes and offices. The store features an extensive collection of furniture made of superior materials and designed to cater to the latest trends in home and office decor. The company focuses on providing customers and clients with an exceptional furniture shopping experience.


The problem

Furniture World retails furniture from multiple companies, each with a different product line. With their existing software, managing the stock, sales, and purchasing was difficult as their process flows could not be handled in one database. In addition, their service management tool was not quite up to the mark. All these created operational discrepancies.


The Solution

Furniture World deployed CentraHub CRM software. It automated and streamlined multi-brand inventory management. The system allowed the creation of company master and individual brand applications in which process flow and fields were created and maintained for each company, along with restrictions to the respective company users. It even tracked end-to-end customer interaction, inquiries, complaints, and feedback.


The Result

CentraHub CRM provided a centralized database. The company could view all its business activities and notifications and act upon them through a single platform. This avoided the need to use multiple platforms for different brands. The in-depth customer interaction tracking tool helped the company provide the best solution for customer queries, which improved their clients’ experience.


“Highly satisfied customer. We’re fully utilizing CentraHub CRM and recommending others use the software.”


Mr. Ravi Kiran,

Director Operations at Furniture World




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