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How MattsenKumar improved its BPO operations through ClearTouch offerings

MattsenKumar is a reliable business process outsourcing (BPO) partner that offers call center outsourcing services. For more than 15 years, MattsenKumar has been a pioneer in establishing and transforming contact center operations for leading organizations across the globe.


Their focus on call centers includes customer engagement and lead generation activities. They run multiple processes simultaneously for their customers, and they are operational 24×7. They use various dialers for their process needs.


Challenges/Problem Statement:

MattsenKumar faced four major business challenges as below:


  • Turnaround time – MattsenKumar would raise a ticket on the dialer’s helpdesk software whenever the dialer had any After which, they would be provided with the turnaround time to resolve the issue. There is minimal scope for issues to be addressed immediately.


  • Customization – Any customization needs of MattsenKumar would mean an additional fat cost and a significant amount of time. The dialer’s systems weren’t easy to extend or configure. This meant huge investments and lost opportunities for


  • Analytics – Reporting had a lot of irrelevant and insignificant data. There was very little analytics or intelligence available to make sense of the


  • Downtime – Every week, there was about a couple of hours of downtime with every dialer provider. MattsenKumar had to follow up with the dialer provider to get the services up and running, and they had to perform testing to make sure that everything was running as per their needs. This meant additional hours over and above the hours of



ClearTouch’s association with MattsenKumar


MattsenKumar partnered with ClearTouch to figure out a way to address all of these challenges.


After using ClearTouch’s solutions for a while, MattsenKumar figured that our platform was very easy- to-use, cloud delivery made it easily accessible across devices, and the interface was easy to comprehend. They decided to move one of their processes to our platform. This was two years ago, and today they have migrated about five of their processes to our platform, spread across education, finance, and enterprise customers. Onboarding a process on our platform is effortless and seamless. It did not take much time, as the data download and dashboards were reasonably straightforward. The intuitiveness made it easy for BPO operations to adopt our platform quickly.


MattsenKumar uses predictive dialing, IVR dialing, inbound dialing, data upload, BI, and automated reporting features of ClearTouch platform. Besides these, our platform has advanced features like workforce management, list management services, voice analytics, and standards compliance.



ClearTouch helped MattsenKumar address all the challenges they faced with their existing dialers along with providing them with additional benefits such as:


Dedicated Support System We have immediate turnaround times. We address about 95% of the issues immediately, and only high-level issues take a turnaround time of a day or two. The transition for MattsenKumar was drastic here, as they moved from an average turnaround time of two days to

immediate resolutions.

Implementation & Customization We are very flexible with customizations. Our platform is designed to be easily configurable, extendible, and integrable. Besides, we include customization as a part of our delivery and charge MattsenKumar only the usage costs.
Robust       Reposting       System       &                    Business Intelligence Tool The monthly data size at MattsenKumar would be about 30 Lacs. Every day, different reports generated would be about 3 Lac rows. We helped MattsenKumar make sense of this mammoth data set using our platform’s analytics and intelligence. This would have easily saved 100s of hours for MattsenKumar in report generation.


There is no gibberish while generating reports from the raw data. We provide all the reports in CSV format, which means that slicing and dicing of the data are very straightforward. We have provided MattsenKumar with a dashboard view of the reports that provide all the relevant information that helps MattsenKumar take informed decisions.

Uptime We have provided more than 99% uptime since we started working with them. As a cloud provider, we ensure redundancy and availability at  the  server  level  itself  and  ensure  that any

switchover is seamless and does not affect the


business      continuity      or      the      SLAs                      that MattsenKumar has promised their customer.


Besides addressing these challenges, we have enabled MattsenKumar to run its operations without worrying about the technology infrastructure. MattsenKumar feels that our customer support is the biggest asset for any organization that works with us. We, as an organization, understand that the service quality we offer is our differentiator in the market. We constantly keep improving our service quality, and this has helped us gain more than 3000+ happy clients worldwide.


Customer Testimonial

The ease of doing business with folks at ClearTouch and the flexibility they offer are unmatched in the industry. In my more than ten years of experience in this industry, I have come across many platforms, and I’d gladly say that ClearTouch is the best that I have seen. We started using Clear Touch with one of our processes for a prominent Fintech company and by now few more processes of MattsenKumar are moved to ClearTouch who are from different industries like EdTech and BFSI. Whenever we pitch to a new client, ClearTouch is the platform that we project to them, and I have become an internal champion of your platform because of the user-friendliness and the training that ClearTouch provides.

Pankaj Manak, Senior Manager, Customer Experience


About the company:


ClearTouch, a pioneering provider of a cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and financial

services companies. Since 2016, ClearTouch has grown its presence from Chennai to offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, with data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore as well as other data centers throughout the world, which provides the capability and agility to handle various client requirements. The company’s revenue has grown by more than 200% each year over the last three years while more than tripling its head count. To strengthen its services and improve customer experience, ClearTouch has worked closely with local partners such as many major Indian telecommunications companies. It currently serves various Indian companies and multinational businesses in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, banking and BPO industries.


About MattsenKumar:


Founded in 2005, MattsenKumar holds an immense experience of over 13 years in providing third-party quality monitoring solutions through its exclusive partnership with HyperQuality (an Avaya company now). We are the experts in providing a wide array of contact center management, back-office operations, analytics services, and technology products to its clients at par to the requisite quality standards.

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