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Modefin achieves better insight and predictability with IBM Engineering Workflow Management


As next-generation customers demand services that are fast, convenient, and effortless, financial institutions are in a constant need to provide experiences that are fast, convenient, and effortless. Keeping up with customer expectations and technology convergence, the financial industry is also compelled to offer digitalized services in order to attract more customers. While transforming the banking landscape through innovative products and services, Modefin, a global financial technology solutions company, was facing a unique problem. The company had been developing mobile applications through open sources and manual processes, and wanted to automate source control, configuration management, build management and collaboration process.

Founded in 2011, Modefin is headquartered in Bangalore (India). With offices in Dubai, Ghana, and Kenya, Modefin has a presence in 20+ countries. Modefin pioneered mobile banking through apps and launched the Mobile Wallet in Gulf Continent countries, revolutionizing online banking in the region. A growing team necessitated automation and the adoption of agile development processes in order to reduce time, improve team collaboration, and increase product quality.

As a first step, IBM conducted a technical workshop followed by a detailed Proof of Concept, where Modefin shared their use case and sample application, which IBM was to take through the software configuration management process, integrate it with existing Jekins, and port the application on to iOS platform.

Our Software development team has been growing rapidly over the past years and wherefore we reviewed the best possible tool support for agile planning integrated with source code management and continuous delivery.’’ commented Jaswanth Singh, Chief Operating Officer, ModeFinServer Private Limited.


ModeFin was already using Jenkins for their build automation, IBM team helped configure a predefined Hudson/Jenkins build template in IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) build definition and also configured Jenkins to work directly with EWM’s Source Control. Jenkins, an open-source automation tool with plugins for Continuous Integration, integrates with Engineering Workflow Management in different ways. This helped ModeFin to quickly get up and running with EWM while re-using existing build automation processes; before moving towards the next milestone of using EWM’s integrate build management system, post evaluation.

Chittaranjan Meher, Country Leader – IBM Sustainability Software Business Unit, Technology Sales,  India/South Asia informs, “The client required a robust solution that could support their Agile DevSecOps approach across all applications. As part of the software development automation lifecycle journey, we embedded Engineering Life Management tool into their DevSecOps process. Through this Modefin was able to gain better insights into the development process, reduce development timeline and improve quality. The solution used in Modefin can be replicated in other financial sector industries for those building similar applications.”


In order to achieve their DevOps objective of continuous integration and delivery, Modefin selected IBM Engineering Workflow Management to support developer-centric source code management, team collaboration, and build management of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the leading platform for today’s complex product and software development. ELM extends the functionality of standard ALM tools, providing an integrated, end-to-end solution that offers full transparency and traceability across all engineering data.

’Comparing the various options on the market, we concluded that IBM Engineering Workflow Management would provide us the best solution to enhance project visibility with realtime plans, integrated SCM and CI/CD. I am confident that we would be  increase our productivity, team collaboration and reduce time to market.‘’ said Jaswant Singh, Chief Operating Officer, ModeFinServer Private Limited

With automation and adoption of Agile Process, Modefin was able to reduce the time to release and build software applications across environments within just a few weeks. Additionally, stakeholder changes were better controlled and their impact on delivery was traceable from start to finish. With IBM Engineering Workflow Management, Modefin also gained better insight and predictability through integrated dashboards, build automations, and seamless integrations.



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