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Optimizing Production for a Tier 1 Automotive OEM

About the Client             

THK Rhythm Automotive, a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier, the client manufactures linkage and suspension parts for global OEMs. The client has a global presence with manufacturing plants located in Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic and the US.


The Need

They aimed to streamline their operational processes for robust manufacturing, and inform their decision-making to further innovation.


The Challenge

The client is adept at running global manufacturing operations. With years of expertise in building products and running a tight ship, manufacturing plants were running optimally. However, the business was suffering at one location that had two manufacturing plants.

Revenue was down, operations were in disarray, and there was no visibility into the business. From determining receipt of raw material shipments to managing the production schedule and the delivery of finished goods, silos in data integration and a lack of advanced analytics were acutely affecting business.

To improve operational efficiency and overall business outcomes, the client needed:

  1. Complete control over the raw material procurement process
  2. Near real-time visibility into the work-in-progress (WIP) inventory
  3. An understanding of the overall spend in near-real time
  4. A digitized, easy-to-use system that provides a 360° view of the business alongside detailed insights into key KPIs


How Lumenore Helps

  •  Modernize legacy processes
  • Increase access to business intelligence
  • Enable real-time decision-making


“The automotive parts industry is very competitive which leads to profit margins that are very tight and limited. In such an environment, keeping our operations running smoothly with no disruptions is critical. Even minor disruptions can start eating into our profit margins.

Our challenge was identifying where the root of the problem lay. How could we adapt better while maintaining our core competitive advantage?

Lumenore helped provide the reliable intelligence we needed to keep our operation profitable. What used to earlier take us 1 week to analyze, now happens in near real-time thanks to Lumenore. “Shailendrra Guptaa, Global Director IT, THK Rhythm Automotive



Naren Vijay, EVP – Growth, Lumenore, said, “Achieving strong operational efficiency that helps push profitability is critical for business success. Lumenore has successfully developed tailor-made business intelligence solutions to improve efficiency for various industries. We thank THK Rhythm Automotive, a leading global automotive OEM manufacturer, for trusting Lumenore to speed up growth and drive process efficiency. The apt understanding of the challenges and market ecosystem from the THK management helped us build a robust solution – an approach we follow for all our customers.”


 The Lumenore Edge

THK Rhythm Automotive needed a comprehensive yet simple solution to drive process efficiency and speed up growth.

To help the organization identify and reduce bottlenecks at various stages of production, Lumenore deployed a comprehensive solution that helped the client gain visibility into various functional processes and ensure a data-backed decision-making culture.

Lumenore streamlined the data ingestion process by building a single source of truth for the entire organization. This allowed the business to automate the daily production count process.

Additionally, to stay ahead of the curve the client needed intelligence out of that data that can be easily understood not only by the executive team but also be accessed by managers and supervisors with just a few clicks.


Value Created

By adopting Lumenore, THK Rhythm Automotive has significantly reduced negative inventory and also drastically reduced the raw material inventory needed.

These changes have accrued to other benefits, including bringing down time spent on analyzing the controllable spend from 1 week to near-real time.

Additionally, the client has now phased out manual processes to manage their business. Plant managers can now see spend costs and production reports at any time without the need for multiple meetings and follow-ups. Lumenore dashboards are now being used by a large contingent of end-users across the organization without being trained in technical skills.


“Even small errors that crept into our production schedules would disrupt timely delivery of parts and our commitment to the customer. Once we adopted Lumenore, we saw an increase in productivity. We also now have a much clearer picture of our WIP inventory at all times and do not have to wait for the month to end to know more about the business.”

“Our operating costs are also significantly lower. We now know the spend on everything, right from overhead supplies, direct and indirect labor, overtime, sales and transfers, to scrap. We can easily monitor these costs and optimize our spend.”


About Lumenore

Lumenore helps businesses turn data into actionable business intelligence with the power of AI, natural language querying, and predictive analytics. With industry-specific solutions embedded in a powerful BI platform, Lumenore turns your raw data into accurate insights. Ensure seamless data integration, enable modern business storytelling, and encourage advanced insight discovery. Create an all-in-one data universe for effective decision-making across business functions with Lumenore.


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