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ReshaMandi achieves a 3x increase in revenue with Yubi Loans

Industry: Farm-to-Retail Digital Marketplace

HQ: Bengaluru

Founded in: 2020

Product: Yubi Loans


About ReshaMandi:

Reshamandi is India’s First & Largest farm-to-retail digital ecosystem for Natural Fiber supply chain. They provide responsibly sourced natural fiber products in form of yarns, fabrics, apparel & home furnishings to businesses worldwide. It is a B2B marketplace digitizing the natural fibre supply chain that provides a full-stack digital ecosystem in the form of a super app, from FARM to RETAIL.



The AgriTech startup works towards digitising the agricultural system through the procurement of natural fibres and helping farmers, reelers, and weavers to optimise their work and attain fair market price. In FY22, ReshaMandi recorded revenue of ~ ₹450 crores. To achieve an increase in their revenue to ₹2000 crores in the current financial year, the company needed working capital to achieve its goals with a competitive target and a large supply chain system.



  • The company wanted to raise a working capital loan to close a 60-day finance shortfall and maintain its supply chain system consisting of farmers, reelers, weavers, and retailers.
  • To fulfill this loan requirement, the senior management of ReshaMandi wanted to connect with multiple lenders at the same time, which was turning out to be a time and resource-consuming process.
  • The company wanted to utilize a debt instrument to raise working capital in a minimum time.



Key Results/ Impact:

  • Within just three weeks of onboarding on Yubi Loans, ReshaMandi was able to raise ₹25 Crores from Vivriti Capital. As a result, the company received 8 term sheets and acquired over ₹65 crores of working capital loans.
  • The quick onboarding and turn-around time of receiving loans allowed them to focus solely on their businesses achieving a 3x increase in revenue.
  • Yubi Loans enabled ReshaMandi to raise loans in the future by helping them connect with powerful players in the banking sector.
  • For vendor bill discounting, ReshaMandi also makes use of Yubi’s supply chain finance platform, Yubi Flow. This collaboration is an excellent example of product-led interoperability, allowing easy access to multiple debt solutions with a single integration.


Yubi’s Solution:

Yubi Loans had a clear goal to help ReshaMandi raise a working capital loan, by connecting it with adequate lenders and ensuring loan disbursement at a quick turn-around time.

  • Within days of onboarding on the platform, ReshaMandi was able to gain access to the right deals through Yubi Match, an AI/ML-based algorithm, which connects borrowers to suitable investors. Within three weeks, it procured its first loan of INR 25 crores.
  • Subsequently, they received 10 expressions of interest within 3 months. Potential lenders included big players like RBL Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, etc.
  • With access to multiple lenders, ReshaMandi was in a position to negotiate borrowing terms.

About Yubi:
Established in 2020 by Founder and CEO, Gaurav Kumar, Yubi is the world’s first possibility platform, powering the discovery, execution and fulfilment of credit. It is a unified credit platform with a comprehensive product suite catering to every stage of the debt lifecycle. It is a global pioneer that aims to revolutionise and deepen debt markets and is the only one of its kind in the world to provide a comprehensive debt product suite to all its borrowers.

The organisation has a portfolio of 8 platforms catering to every requirement of both borrowers and investors –

  1. Yubi Loans: India’s leading digitised corporate lending  platform for banks and enterprises, designed to automate all corporate loan needs – onboarding, discovery, credit evaluation and facilitating disbursals 5 times faster than ever.
  2. Yubi Co.Lend: Largest co-lending platform in India, trusted by the lending ecosystem to discover, go live and collaborate with multiple partners with quick one-time API integration.
  3. Yubi Invest: India’s leading Fixed Income Investment platform for bond issuance and investment for institutional and retail investors.
  4. Yubi Flow: A fully integrated & easy-to-use supply chain finance platform that offers trade financing solutions to lenders and corporates to strengthen their channel partner ecosystem.
  5. Yubi Pools: End-to-end securitisation management system for Banks & NBFCs that brings unparalleled efficiencies and a data-driven approach to ABS deal-making.
  6. Yubi Build: A one-stop platform connecting borrowers from the real estate and infrastructure sector with multiple lenders that offers discovery, execution, support and advanced monitoring modules.

In addition, Yubi’s collections arm, spocto, is a global risk mitigation platform and pioneer in AI-enabled recovery infrastructure. Launched by Sumeet Srivastava and Puja Srivastava in 2017, the platform enhances collection mechanisms, providing banks and consumers with advanced repayment opportunities. spocto has processed loans worth USD 25 billion through the collection of 35 million accounts in FY22 and is establishing its presence in the MENA market with its first office outside of India, headquartered at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Corpository (also Yubi company), is a full-stack corporate credit underwriting company.  The company also offers portfolio management and monitoring services as a SaaS offering to its borrowers and lenders.

Yubi currently has over 3,000+ Corporates and 750+ Lenders and has facilitated debt volumes of over INR 100,000 Crores. Yubi is an organisation on a mission to deepen and power the USD 120 trillion global enterprise debt market to unlock a GDP multiplier and create massive economic value.

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