What is a NAS and Why You Should Use It?

Are you wondering what a NAS is and if you need one? When it comes to home networks, most people believe that buying a good router is sufficient. But the truth is, whether it’s your home network or office set up, you also need to find an effective and scalable storage solution. And this is where NAS comes in! Possibly you’re currently using either cloud storage like Dropbox or any local physical device such as an external hard drive for data storage. But there are some convincing reasons to start...

Oil, Bitcoin or Gold: Which Asset You Should Be Investing In?

Introduction As more and more countries are starting to report their economic data, a very grim global picture is emerging. According to the Chief of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, the world is staring at a severe and unparalleled global recession. Almost all countries are experiencing the lowest consumption patterns in diverse businesses. The situation is tense in USA and in European countries, where growth rates are expected to plummet below, well into the integers. Given the alarming nature of the world’s financial scenario, investors have seen billions...

Do You Want to Be A Bitcoin Millionaire?

When you think of investing your capital, the first things that come in the end are the stock markets and the bonds. And to some extent commodities. But when you walk into a fund manager’s office and express your desire to invest in the bitcoins, you are bound to get odd looks from their eyes. Because it is not the right place to invest in the bitcoins. If you are looking for a place to invest in the bitcoin then the best possible option would be to look for a...

Tech 101: various ways to learn and brush up on your skills

The coronavirus crisis is going to force us all to spend a little more time in our own four walls. Whether you’re trying to work from home or are just gazing longingly at the outside world awaiting your chance to restart ‘normal life’, there’s probably going to be plenty of space in everyone’s schedule for a while to come. In order to keep our minds sharp, it pays us all to try to find something productive to do with this time. If we can be positive and grasp the opportunity...
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