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CTO as the Driver of Digital Transformation

Guru Venkatachalam CTO

The Chief Technology officer or CTO’s role is constantly evolving. He/She is not only responsible for overseeing the transformation of every business process but is also expected to apply technology into every areas of their business, from strategies to execution.

We have with us Guru Venkatachalam, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for APJ of enterprise software VMWare who discusses the changing role of CTO in the current business landscape, how the global shift to remote work accelerated interest in digital transformation and what tech trends IT leaders would expect going forward.

A technology veteran with nearly three decades of experience in various domains of IT and leadership, Guru also talks about the ‘ahaa’ moment in his career and offers expert advice to aspiring CTOs and IT managers, with an emphasize on mental health and well being.

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Sohini Bagchi
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