MobiKwik Lite To Help India’s Unorganized Sector Turn Digital

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In the last one year and especially in recent months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a strong push to turn India into a cashless economy and now, one can see the results. In a recent event in Delhi, Indian mobile payments company, MobiKwik launched the ‘MobiKwik Lite’ application, which will allow numerous smaller and unorganized retailers and shopkeeprs, accept payments seamlessly.

Having some crucial features like being under 1MB in file size, operational with a basic EDGE connection, and having an easy-to-understand interface both in Hindi and English, this application ought to bring a lot of the Indian economy under the ‘digital’ umbrella. Users can also download this app with just one missed call and sign up with their mobile number only, no email id required. 

Bipin Preet Singh, the Co-Founder of MobiKwik, explained, “Majority of Indians do not have access to digital payments due to connectivity issues. With 250 million smartphones and less than 50% net penetration, India is highly underserved and the adverse impact of this reality is being observed by masses given the recent demonetization. To bridge the gap between India & Bharat, we have launched MobiKwik ‘Lite’. By end of this week, the app will be available in all major Indian languages and soon, MobiKwik Lite will work without any net connectivity too, therefore addressing all the challenges being faced by masses in accessing wallet payments, be it language, connectivity or quality of smartphones.” 

MobiKwik ‘Lite’ can be downloaded directly by any shopkeeper or retailer by giving a missed call to 80971-80971 from any Android smartphone, even without an email id and without having a Google Play Store account. After giving a missed call to this number, users will receive a link. Once a user clicks on this link, they will be taken to the download page, where the app can be downloaded from within 30 seconds, even on a 2G/EDGE connection. User then receives an OTP and is registered instantly on the MobiKwik platform. The app will work seamlessly on an Android smartphone even with a dated Android OS. Also, there is an initiative to launch an ‘offline’ version of this app in the future.

Upasana Taku, Co-Founder of MobiKwik mentioned about the demonetization issue playing a role in the current scenario, saying “MobiKwik is proud to be a made in India company with Indian ownership. We are here to serve our fellow Indians with technology and innovation. Our new product addresses the issues being faced by local retailers since demonetization and we are passionate and committed to resolve any challenges being faced by masses in India, pertaining to payments.”

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