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Securax Is Bringing New Innovation to Attendance Management

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Organizations are always mulling about how to increase productivity. One often ignored yet critical area is that of attendance management, the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting. An effective attendance management not only helps in minimizing loss due to employee downtime and enhances productivity, but is vital, especially at a time when a chunk of the global workforce is operating from remote locations.

Bangalore based Securax Tech Solution that is working towards transforming workforce management in enterprises with cloud based solutions, is bullish in this area. Prasanna Kotha, Co-Founder and CEO of Securax, speaks exclusively to CXOToday on how organizations are realizing the importance of attendance management and how the company is bringing innovation in this segment. Excerpts.

– What is the awareness of the attendance management system among Indian companies?  

Over a period from the age of Industrialization to today’s Internet world, attendance management remains a critical function and concern for all organizations. It has evolved from manual register to time cards to fingerprint to mobile punching. Companies are using different methods and software’s to capture the attendance and manage the workforce. But most of the products in the market don’t serve the purpose.

– While there is plenty of attendance management and human resources tracking system, what are the ways SecurTime addresses the key pain points and value to the organization?

Remote and mobile workforce is on rise. It is estimated that 80% of the global workforce is performing physical or deskless work daily. Securtime, our time attendance and workforce management product is built for the evolving global workforce. It is a real-time cloud based Time attendance and workforce management solution which has earned us accolades from organizations of all sectors and sizes. It not only tracks Distributed and remote workforce, but also helps users to view workforce performance in real time, enabling more efficient management. It further integrates fully with other business applications, such as HR and payroll systems seamlessly.

Mobile App on Android and IOS help enterprises with better workforce management. Geo-tagging, Geo-fencing and photo-capturing feature enable employees to choose the location and capture the photo while punching the attendance. The mobile and remote workforce can clock in and out, view their holiday and leave balance, request leave and explain absences using Securtime. Employees can manage their own time and attendance from any location using Securtime.

– When you mean, ‘tracking’, it might impact the mindset of an employee on trust factors. How your solution provides a win-win situation for both employees as well as the employer? 

Securtime tries to build fairness and balance between employers and employees. Securtime as a solution virtually eliminates the risks of perceived or real favoritism among employers and employees and creates an atmosphere of equality among co-workers. For example, some managers allow some employees to remain idle while others must remain punctual and stay until the last minute. It ensures employee receives the amount exactly what they deserve. It helps to eliminate the risks of employers failing to follow the rules. It serves as an assurance to employees that they are earning the right amount.Employees can view their attendance, leaves, shift and work hours in real-time. They can control their own time management.

– Is this solution only for large enterprises? Please let us know how emerging companies/ family-owned business and start-ups can utilize your solutions?

Securtime Solution is built in way that can be used by large Enterprises and SMBs. Any start-up or small sized companies the major challenge is human error and employee attendance fraud. Additionally, small companies are not able to track the working hours of employees by maintaining a manual register. It offers basic and hygienic modules to emerging companies/ family-owned business and start-ups. It helps the SMBs and start-ups in different ways as follows:

  • Maintains Employee Records of In-Time, Out-Time, Break-Time, Generates End of Month Reports and Reduces Cumbersome HR Process. This boosts employees’ productivity and saves time, which is important aspect for Small sized companies.
  • Helps in easy workflow, an employer can view daily attendance of his team, along with work hours and overtime. This gives the employer a clear picture of what’s happening in his start-up and guides him in taking appropriate steps to increase the overall productivity of the organization.
  • It is Cloud based Plug-n-play solution that can be easily configured and deployed in no time. It’s a Cost-effective solution with reduced investment in infrastructure, maintenance and software licensing compared on-Premise solutions.

– Please explain your expansion plans. 

Currently we are present in India and Dubai. In India our corporate office in Bangalore and branch office in Hyderabad. We are expanding our business to rest of India and also expanding in rest of middle east through the channel partner network.

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