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The week that went by was quite an interesting one for enterprise decision makers. India-born CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai’s compensation of around $200 million that made him one of the highest paid tech leaders, became a key topic of discussion. The compensation was granted to Pichai as an appreciation of a number of successful ventures under his supervision. CXOtoday brings to its readers a compilation of some of the other highest-paid CEOs in the technology industry.

Back home in India, the government is soon likely to introduce regulations for the burgeoning FinTech industry with investors betting big on payments and blockchain technology. Research firm KPMG saw fintech interest grew in India significantly during January-March quarter and predicts that the sector seems to be ready to take the industry giants head on and lead exponential market growth in the coming quarters.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to dominate an otherwise shrinking tablet PC market and can expect turnaround in second-quarter iPad shipments with an estimated increase of more than 15 percent, according to Trend Force research that expects Amazon to mass produce a new low-price device in second quarter as well.

Another interesting topic was how hacking of medical devices are on the rise. Experts believe hackings of medical devices could also be used to breach patient privacy, as the information contained in the device includes location, treatment history and current state of health.

Reliance Jio became the country’s largest provider of broadband connections just six months after it launched its telecom operations, according to data by telecom regulator TRAI released this week. Telecom specialists believe that as companies like Reliance went all the way to increase their consumers, India’s telecom subscriber base touched the 1.18 billion mark at the end of February 2017, a growth of 1.17 percent over the previous month.

This week, the other key highlights were cybersecurity and its impact on various businesses, airlines using RFID to check mishandled baggage, big data and virtual reality – technologies that are already becoming mainstream and are having a big impact on the enterprise and many more. 

Like every week, this week too, we also have for you interesting interviews, case studies, infographics, and expert columns on various emerging technology and market trends and challenges in the enterprise space. 

Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss. 

What Sundar Pichai And Other Tech CEOs Take Home

India-born Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, got a compensation of around $200 million last year, twice the amount he received in 2015. The compensation was granted to Pichai as an appreciation of a number of successful ventures under his supervision. CXOtoday brings to you a compilation of some of the highest-paid CEOs in technology industry. [Read more]

Virtual Archaeology To Aid India’s Heritage Preservation Effort

India’s historical monuments are reminders of that rich past. However, it is losing its cultural heritage rapidly. The Archaeological Survey of India hasn’t been successful in maintenance; it has over 3600 historical monuments, 100,000 rare books, in its custody. Outdated methods of preservation and institutional apathy are the primary reasons. However, fruits of modern technology such as Virtual Reality can be used for preservation. [Read more]

India To See Regulations In The FinTech Space: KPMG

The Indian government could soon introduce regulations for the burgeoning FinTech industry with investors betting big on payments and blockchain technology. According to an industry report by tax and advisory firm KPMG, fintech interest grew in India during January-March quarter of 2017. Armed with digital technology, expert analytics, and the promise of superior customer experience, the fintech sector seems to be ready to take the industry giants head on and lead exponential market growth. [Read more]

Indian CIOs Keen On Futuristic Tech: EY-CIO Klub

With the adoption of newer technologies gaining pace, enterprises are realizing the need to identify the business functions that will derive the greatest value. The EY-CIO Klub Enterprise IT Trends and Investments Survey 2017 titled “Deconstructing disruption: Impact of future technologies” suggests that CIOs (83%) have shown the willingness to invest in new technologies as well as in the discovery of disruptive technologies that hold immense value. [Read more]

Solving The Big Data Conundrum Of Digital India

Aiming to take the government’s Digital India and smart cities initiative to the next level, Vivek Tyagi, Director for India business development, SanDisk Commercial sales and Support at Western Digital Corporation, explains the company’s role in the Smart and Safe Cities initiative and how the IT storage industry is shaping up in the country. [Read more]

Iris Scanners Are The New PIN

In the last 18-24 months, many mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung in its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, have launched iris scanners. Iris scanners measure much better on all scales – security, reliability and ease-of-use. With its lower cost and complexity, more consumer mobile devices are expected to provide this technology as “passwords or PINs” to easily access our devices, applications and services. [Read more]

Solix Gearing Up For A Data-Driven Future In India

Big Data provider Solix Technologies believes that the future of business is data driven and about real time analytics and those that are not planning to become a data driven organization are out of the game. The company also said that India holds a massive opportunity for them, as all the fortune 500 companies to some extent have outsourcing in the country. [Read more]

Choosing The Right Domain Name: 7 Tips for SMBs

Choosing your domain for the business is important as you must ensure that you have made your business easy to find. In fact, your business can be more popular online when you have a better URL, and you will notice that you have more options to network and connect than you could have thought. This article explains how you may create a better domain for your business. [Read more]

Online Company Reviews Can Impact Hiring: Study

The importance of online review sites are growing like never before. These sites are offering interview candidates and employees an unprecedented opportunity to share the inside story on what it is like to work at a particular organization. Undoubtedly, candidates are drawn to good reviews and vice versa, something recruiters have to be very careful, so as to lure good, competent candidates. [Read more]

Denial Of life: Medical Devices Are At Risk Of Cyber-Attack

With the way cyber-attacks are on the rise – growing in size, sophistication, severity and frequency, affecting business and website owners – many of these attacks may feel like life and death situations. Denial of service attacks and hackings are two of the most serious threats facing the medical device industry and the patients these advanced medical devices are designed to protect. The situation is dire, the consequences are devastating, and precautions need to be taken now. [Read more]

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