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Evry Is Bullish On Indian Talent Pool

Global Village Tech Park

Norwegian IT services provider EVRY ASA, with a revenue of $1.5 billion, is extremely bullish on the talent pool in India. A leading IT services provider in the Nordics region, the company specializes in the financial services, healthcare, government and insurance services. It’s India has been delivering IT services to customers in the US and Europe for more than two decades and has its global delivery centres in Bengaluru and Chandigarh. Very recently, EVRY inaugurated a 1,400-facility within the Global Village Tech Park, Bengaluru. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Raj Mohan, CEO & Managing Director of EVRY India, discusses the company’s investment in digital technologies and Evry’s India specific plans for the coming quarters.

CXOToday: What makes you so bullish on the Indian market?

Raj Mohan: EVRY recognized the importance of India, and Indian talent, over 10 years back when they started the process of acquiring an Indian company. Today, we have two centers in India, in Chandigarh and Bangalore, with a growing base of people working for multiple customers in the Nordics. The Chandigarh center has a state-of-the-art facility and is comparable with any of EVRY’s global offices. Another state-of-the-art facility was also inaugurated recently in Bangalore. Both locations are now equipped with ultra-modern facilities that will provide employees an inspiring workplace to collaborate with co-workers and customers across the globe.

CXOToday: What kind of investments are you making in new digital technologies?

Raj Mohan: EVRY’s vision of “Creating digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders” is well appreciated and adopted by its customers. In the last few years, the company has taken many important steps to strengthen its initiatives for Digital. These include setting up a Design Studio, forging industry partnerships with leading players such as IBM, Google, Apple and AWS to name a few.

EVRY India has an established Digital Innovation team that is strategically placed because they work closely both with US customers as well as the Nordic ones. This helps us leverage developments across markets for the benefit of its customers in the USA and the Nordics. We are convinced that artificial intelligence and cognitive systems will offer great opportunities in terms of developing existing organizations and business models.Currently, we are deeply involved within fields like smart algorithms and machine learning, for instance when it comes to detect credit card fraud. In addition, we are developing prototypes for automated customer advisory services. Through own initiatives and partnerships, we will continue to acquire the expertise needed to ensure we are equipped to assist organizations in the fourth industrial revolution.

CXOToday: What are your investment plans in the AI space in India?

Raj Mohan: AI-First (Artificial Intelligence) is the new norm and we have a strong focus in this space. A few prototypes developed by EVRY India are for Automated Vehicle Damage Assessment and Driver Behavior Analytics – a potential game changer for insurance companies. Robotics Process Automation along with Interaction Bots are a few technologies EVRY India is exploring in Insurance Underwriting, Portfolio Investment Advisory and Store Management.

As part of EVRY’s Digital Innovation, EVRY India has a clear focus on Digital Customer Experience. ‘CX Calibration’ is EVRY India’s flagship product to help brands intelligently monitor and improve their end customer’s experience. EVRY India’s Intelligent Digital Assistant framework provides an immersive experience for end users and allows them to interact with brands through a channel and manner of their choice while promoting assisted service and conversational commerce.

CXOToday: Could you tell us about your latest venture in the IoT market?

Raj Mohan: EVRY India has recently implemented a Big Data project for an oil and gas drilling company in the USA to enable predictive analytics of yield from their oil wells. In the next phase, EVRY India is proposing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to measure and control oil and gas extraction from drilling wells. This automation would not only reduce manual labor but also further improve efficiencyandidentify new parameters to improve yield.

Application of IoT is something EVRY India is exploring with their other customers as well. EVRY India is developing a product for one its large customers which would assist in indoor navigation, room booking, service request management along with concepts of Smart Furniture & Talking Building that would enhance the experience of a Tenant using the commercial workspace. Cognitive capabilities such as Computer Vision, NLU and ALP are few key technologies being leveraged.

In retail, we are using a lightweight IoT framework along with cloud services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft to help achieve operational and cost efficiencies. The solution would help in quickly developing services such as Aisle Analysis, Shelf Replenishment & Store Crowd/Queue Monitoring and rolling out the same for new format stores in the retail arena.

CXOToday: What is the company’s global as well  growth and expansion plans?

Raj Mohan: EVRY strongly believes that all businesses are turning digital. While transformation is the first step, identifying newer capabilities and business models should be the goal.Enterprises today are not just looking at transforming their existing business, infrastructure and experience but are also continuously seeking answers to ‘what is next?’. EVRY India’s Digital Innovation Team is built on this very premise. EVRY India partners with customers to not only strategize their Digital Journey, but also to innovate keeping in mind the feasibility, viability and desirability of probable Digital solutions.

CXOToday: What sets EVRY apart from other IT companies?

Raj Mohan: EVRY India has a special focus on women employees and strives to create a women-friendly workplace. Of the total strength, 30% are women employees. In April 2017, EVRY India launched the “Women@EVRY” initiative. The overall focus of this program is to guide, coach and empower women employees. Dedicated committees have been formed to create awareness on the need and importance of representing roles of women at all the levels in a workplace, specially across leadership positions. One of the major goal is to build our brand “EVRY” as one of the best places for women to work in. The “Women@EVRY” committees also focuses on women’s career development and creates awareness about work-life balance by organizing diverse programs, activities and workshops.

The longest engagement for 17 years and 90% of our business comes from repeat customers that exemplify EVRY India’s focus on Quality and governance. EVRY India’s process and project maturity is veryhigh — the two offshore development centers in the country are certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS v3.2 and appraised at CMMI MaturityLevel 5 and PCMM Maturity Level 5. Mission critical operations are being handled from India. To ensure that the entire workforcepossess up-to-date skills, 80 hours of fixed training per year per employee is mandatory in EVRY India.

CXOToday: Please tell us about the company’s business roadmap for the next 12 to 18 months?

Raj Mohan: EVRY India’s Digital Innovation group is planning to invest more in building assets or IP, as it is an important part of EVRY’s overall strategy in the Digital area. EVRY ASA has recently created a new Business Area, called the Digital Platform Services to focus on and give impetus to the Digital initiative. EVRY India has a Digital Lab setup for working closely with customers to build and demonstrate potential solutions using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Computer Vision and Virtual Reality amongst others. This will bring in a co-innovation model which customers appreciate.

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