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Weekly High with LSD show: Interview with IBM India Research Director Gargi B Dasgupta

Dear friends, welcome to the ‘Weekly High with LSD’ show. This week, we have with us an IBM veteran, Gargi B. Dasgupta, who took charge of IBM Research in India more than two years ago. As Director for IBM Research in India and CTO for IBM India/South Asia, she serves as a strategist for IBM Research, working closely with IBM’s Hybrid Cloud business and global services businesses. Prior to being director, she was a senior manager at IBM Research-India, leading the work in AI for Automation. Among Gargi’s accomplishments, she was recognized as an IBM Distinguished Engineer for her exemplary technological achievements in 2019. In this interview, we asked her about her leadership style, her view on cutting edge technologies like AI, NLP and automation, and her thoughts on how to have more women in tech leadership positions. Edited excerpts:

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