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When Technology Melds with Law

This week, we hosted N. S. Nappinai–Supreme Court Advocate and founder of Cyber Saathi. Nappinai appears as counsel in cases pertaining to Constitutional, Criminal, IPR & Cyber laws. She is also Advisor to Maharashtra’s Cyber police; a Senior Panel Advocate to the Central & Western Railways; author of ‘Technology Laws Decoded’; and also an Advisor to the Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency (TNeGA).

Among other things, we discussed the impact of Facebook ‘unfriending’ Australia before getting on the negotiating table again to discuss the proposed revenue-sharing deal with media outlets; Smart cities and privacy along with the perils of face recognition if not done in accordance with law; the bearing that the proposed intermediary guidelines by Meity may have on users; the social media Vs government spat over the understanding of law vs sovereignty; and the need for companies to prosecute for cybercrimes in a bid to set a precedent rather than sweeping data breaches under the carpet. Do like and subscribe to this channel, and do not hesitate to drop us a line if you wish to be a part of this show.

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