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Who Posted This First? Whose Brainwave Was It?

In the latest episode of the ‘Weekly High with LSD’ show, we discussed the week’s biggest technology development in India wherein the government announced it will implement the Digital Media Ethics Code relating to digital media and OTT platforms. We discussed what this means for social media apps like Whatsapp, Signal And Telegram since India’s new social media regulations wants all social media apps to identify the ‘first originator’. We also hosted Kumaar Bagrodia–Founder of Neuroleap–an applied neuroscience company that uses brain computer interface (BCI) technology to understand the human brain better and recommend ways to enhance its abilities. A BCI interface is a non-invasive direct communications pathway between the brain and a human. Electrodes read brain signals and communicate these to a computer. But does this device read your mind? What does it mean to tinker with the brain? What does Neuroleap do with all the data it collects? How much does it cost? Kumaar answers all these questions and more. Do like and subscribe to this channel, and do not hesitate to drop us a line if you want to be a part of this show as an industry expert.

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