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5 Ways Great Leaders Encourage Their Teams


It doesn’t take a genius to see that the heart of any great business is a brilliant team of executives.

Sadly, close to 60% of all businesses lack effective leaders. Of course, this talent gap may negatively impact the entire organisation as a whole: As a result of inadequate management, 37% of employees have left their jobs.

No matter what you want to excel at—skiing, parenting, or painting—it takes time. You don’t just become a well-known pianist overnight. This also applies to being a great leader.

In actuality, being a great leader is more an art than a science, and anyone can improve, become more successful, and do so with patience, practice, and persistence.

Nevertheless, you may begin helping your group right away with these effective leadership behaviours.

  • Set the most Crucial Things First

“Don’t worry about little things,”

Perhaps a cliché, but very true. Take action immediately; you are aware of what has to be done. List your key priorities and keep them visible at all times. Say no to busy work and diversions, and yes to everything that enables you to cross things off your list of priorities. Sure, you can keep track of several apparently unimportant items as long as they don’t interfere with your top goals.

  • Emphasize on other People’s Skills

The abilities and knowledge of their team members are also easily discerned by great leaders. Always respect the value of your colleagues’ knowledge and experience. If you pay attention and constantly have an open mind, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. Consider your co-workers to be your family. Learn what drives them and what inspires them to succeed.

  • Encourage and Motivate People

An effective leader gives their team members the freedom to express their thoughts and take responsibility for their tasks. By ensuring that everyone has an equal chance at promotions, assignments, and training, you naturally inspire your team. Acting honourably encourages loyalty and strong morale, which in turn results in great production and low attrition rates.

  • Embrace Optimism

Your positivity may energize the office with a can-do attitude. Find methods to fervently inspire and motivate your staff. Contrary to popular belief, having fun and working hard are not incompatible!

  • Recognize and Appreciate

Great leaders almost never claim credit for their accomplishments.

Instead, they honour their co-workers and staff members. A great leader must be humble, and excellent leaders understand that genuine professionals are motivated by pride in their job. Earning recognition and credit for hard work frequently trumps receiving money or a status upgrade for many American professionals.


(The author is Coach Vikram. Executive Presence, Leadership and CXO Coach, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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